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April 20th, 2009
one up!
April 16th, 2009
I'm sorry Mr. Pot, did you just call the kettle black?
April 16th, 2009
Did it ever occur to you that Israel acts the victim cause they are? They're a victim not only of constant terror attacks, extreme apathy from all other governments in the world, an incredibly anti-semetic global media (let's not kid our selves here, when the AP finds that two of their photographers were editering photos of the Lebanon War and did nothing to them, there is bias), and people like you whose mind is so warped, you can't even debate things logically. Your entire existance is illogical.
April 15th, 2009
Well, I could look at it in the same way, how could I convince a terrorist like you that you are wrong. I tried by using logic and facts. You've responded by saying that "I COULD counter-argue your points, but I'm not, because it wont do anything." So, I guess you're right. The only difference is, I'm not quoting newspaper articles and act completely clueless when someone else brings up logic and facts that you refuse to respond to. Fail. Fail. Fail.
April 15th, 2009
Salah Shehade: Next guy to take over the death squad, a true Hamas hero, hunted Israeli soldiers. Hamas made him a hero. Wooo. Mohammed Deif: The guy who took over Salah's spot. Loved public speeches, loved to remind people that after every recession Israel gave Palestine, it wasn't enough and more suicide bombs would be on their way. Probably the reason that giant wall was made. Adnan Al-Ghoul: Great man. A Palestinian war hero. Began creating bobms for Hamas and Izz ad-Din AS SOON AS IT WAS CREATED!!