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December 11th, 2012
Closer to Compton and the LBC, honestly.
December 10th, 2012
It's nearly impossible to build an audience larger than three simultaneously -- at a moment's notice, which is usually as much lead time my busy life gives me. A podcast, while still consuming 8-10 hours of my life (why it's only a monthly one) can be broken into smaller pieces, here and there as I have time.

As long as voicemails keep coming in, I'll keep doing it. When interest dries up, I'll move along. Supply and demand.
December 9th, 2012
Don't you mean JJJ? http://jjjrave.ytmnd.com/
December 9th, 2012
It just bothers me that the parmesean cheese container looks EXACTLY like the Comet Cleanser container. And when you sprinkle it, it even looks the same.
December 9th, 2012
Not quite to the "better income opportunities" part yet, myself. But looking forward to it. Glad to run into another radio jock!