rhysfunk's recent comments:

April 13th, 2009
This means something. This is important.
December 26th, 2008
On on the site ?look at that hat...
My hat is off to you, sir.
October 27th, 2008
5'd for Rygar
August 25th, 2008
On on the site ?(nsfw) Yoda Works it
Two'd because you're Hey Steve! But only that. ICP immediately causes mental convulsions.
July 25th, 2007
July 15th, 2007
Humor like this never gets old.
July 10th, 2007
Don't you know the dewey decimal system??
July 9th, 2007
On on the site ?Jimmy Gets Accepted
5'd for QL
May 26th, 2007
Ukraine is strong!
May 6th, 2007
Maniac Mansion is my favorite game ever. Here's hoping we see more!
April 7th, 2007
It's truly a magnificent site to see an SNES without the horrible discoloration. Takes me back, it does...
April 5th, 2007
Looks like Uncle Joey didn't make parole again.
April 4th, 2007
5'd for Morricone...and, naturally, Yosemite.
March 30th, 2007
On on the site ?Louis and Armand...
5'd for Nilsson
March 24th, 2007
5'd for Wilhelm...and using 'fell for the trap' without immediate cacophony
March 22nd, 2007
don't you know that night and day are different? what's wrong with you?
March 13th, 2007
It appears you chiseled this out of a pure block of awesome. Bravo.
February 28th, 2007
On on the site ?Paris Hilton Upskirt
The music reminds me of John Carpenter's The Thing. Good show.
February 28th, 2007
He's a genius, eh? He knows the atlas!
February 26th, 2007
I laughed, and stopped...laughed some more a little later...stopped again...and at random intervals I start laughing uncontrollably. Win.
February 5th, 2007
There are no words.
January 9th, 2007
As mentioned, I was unsold until I heard...IN JAIL~
November 26th, 2006
No, Geordi, I have not.
October 16th, 2006
By Grobthar's Hammer, what a savings.
September 19th, 2006
5'd for UHF sound clip
September 6th, 2006
Yeah, I read about the HD Cable problem the other day http://fiveninetyninteplus.ytmnd.com/ but hadn't heard about the blu-ray problem. Brutal.
August 23rd, 2006
This site had a very Agamemnon effect on me. At first I thought, "Heh"...then I chuckled...then laughed out loud. You win, sir.
August 22nd, 2006
Sony fell victim to one of the classic blunders. Giant Enemy Crabs obviously have NO weak points for massive damage.
August 22nd, 2006
Just because I don't understand doesn't mean I didn't laugh. Random wins.
August 14th, 2006
On on the site ?Snake's On a Plane
5'd for Plissken