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April 7th, 2008
May 16th, 2008
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May 14th, 2008
hahaha..this is in southern california near where i live! at the wedge...this is from a couple years ago. i hope to meet this guy some day out in the water...SO PITTED
April 22nd, 2008
this site is great in many ways. ive shown it to everyone i knew would appreciate it. i've personally listened to it several times and laughed. this morning, my brother and i put it on and let it play a solid 8 times. i love how its just an image of phil jackson, no animation, nothing. then the shopped chicken in his hand, the title of the site, and the song--just how none are related....its sheer genius.
April 12th, 2008
keaton! what program do you use to make these songs?
April 8th, 2008
On on the site ?Tim Morrison
every time this doors song comes on at my work, ALL I HEAR is the tim allen version. and ive watched it SO MANY TIMES i have it MEMORIZED. its very difficult to keep my laughs under control, especially when you're waiting on tables while singing tim morrison in your head. AEEEUUGHH?