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This picture is older than the internet
On on the site ?Why Israel Had To Act
LOL Rockets r FUN
On on the site ?Kang Fried Chicken
This is the best one I have ever seen.
The guy who allegedly discovered Bigfoot looks remarkably like Robert Dinero in this photo
I have no sound where I made this I will replace with an appropriate sound byte later
On on the site ?Epic Myspace Post
Get rid of the text
On on the site ?Snake on da Plane
Your genious amazes me
Like paper pants this was tare able
On on the site ?PILLS!
Bart as a kid before kelsey put her fingers in his butt
Only lonely old gay men read garfield
On on the site ?NEDM != Happycat
"2006-07-27 21:20:47 PastorTravis I was under the impression our grounds for attacking were more like blasphemy then theft." Exactly it was our Holy war
The best part of this is that they have no clue what NEDM is and its an inocent mistake on there part this is f#@$n hilarious.
They think NEDM is a band haha
On on the site ?Hulk Hogan raps
One of my freinds bought this for me on my birthday about six years ago check out the pythons baby
On on the site ?urine ocean
Ewwe looks like a lemon starburst comercial gone wrong
On on the site ?
The picture dose not make any sense carl is not talking to that guy
You kinda got owned his ytmnd is in the top fifteen I hope you did not purchase that domain just to try and one up him
5 stars for gay kissing
On on the site ?Do You Remember 1998?
Nobody cared about soccer in '98 and if it where not for that headbutt you would have no idea who zidane is
You started a campaign to downvoat a brand new users content Im sure he will stick to youtube from now on.
On on the site ?Web War 2
Wow ebaums was even slower than ytmnd to get this posted this has been all over the internet for a couple of weeks I received the file in an e-mail from an older co-worker over a week ago why dont you raid break or fugly oh wait they might have posted it before the ytmnd was even made
On on the site ?lol, Asian Stereotype
rodge reon ?!?
On on the site ?lol, Asian Stereotype
I ror'd only a couple gay asian kids downvoted ror ror
That is the song dorky chicks lose there virginity to if a girl ever puts that on while you are getting busy leave imediatly or you will get stalked. WORST SONG EVER
On on the site ?Pee Wee's Crack PSA
The prevoius ytmnd sucked *ss it just replayed a comercial you can see on youtube this one added somthing funny
One of the stupidest cartoons ever meets a joke that was dead five years ago
On on the site ?GAYTMND: Gay Pirates
Well Done