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September 12th, 2008
September 12th, 2008
i dunno those commercials with the orangutang made me lose my appetite ya no?
September 9th, 2008
this should permanently be put on front page
September 4th, 2008
ITS OVER 10,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
September 3rd, 2008
August 22nd, 2008
this really is the WINNINGEST OF TEH WINS!!!!!!
August 21st, 2008
yea but imo that added so much to it
August 20th, 2008
haha i teared a bit cuz i loled so hard
July 4th, 2008
On on the site ?Counter-Strike > Sex
hes probably trying to breakup with her or something...that or she is ugly or something i dunno maybe hes just stupid
July 4th, 2008
no words... oh wait yea there are SIMPSONS FTMFW!!!!
July 4th, 2008
lol!!! hes bak