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?Picard Song (4.56) ShittyMcShit 2006-08-21
Catchy song!
speedmstr65 2006-08-21
?I believe you have my stapler? (4.15) evers 2006-08-21
One of the best and most imitated fads
speedmstr65 2006-08-21
?spread my stapler and fly away (4.26) pineappleclock 2006-08-22
Cool stapler spinoff. It goes well with the song "I Believe I Can Fly".
speedmstr65 2006-08-22
?Paris Hilton doesn't change facial expression... (4.10) Endocrom 2006-08-22
Site making fun of Paris Hilton's fake face in pictures. So true!!!
speedmstr65 2006-08-22
?Why are gas prices so high? (3.92) speedmstr65 2006-08-30
My 3rd and first good YTMND.
speedmstr65 2006-08-30
?Dr. Dre Ft. Cosby (4.68) studged 2006-09-23
Favorite Cosby YTMND
speedmstr65 2006-09-23
?What is love!? (4.49) ligamentx 2006-10-07
Fun to imitate. This is the first thing I think of when hearing "What is Love?"
speedmstr65 2006-10-07
?YESYES.com (4.19) Mewchu11 2006-10-14
Favorite alternate universe. Also proof that "HEH" is the official 4th corner.
speedmstr65 2006-10-14
?EA Cosby (4.18) stubbyperson77 2006-10-25
Good slogan for EA Games using one of Bill Cosby's famous quotes.
speedmstr65 2006-10-25
?Can't Break My Stride (4.43) syncan 2006-10-29
Appropriate song, and its funny everytime.
speedmstr65 2006-10-29
?Qnslaught-ptkfgs (3.56) ddiknad 2007-01-18
YTMND on Qnslaught-ptkfgs
speedmstr65 2007-01-18
?The Future of our World (4.70) fwywarrior 2008-11-22
Slightly scary, yet very informative. Well made.
speedmstr65 2008-11-22