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June 14th, 2006
Some of the themes of rebellion in Rosario Ferre's post-Boom Latin American fiction works may be due to her having been born into a powerful political family in Puerto Rico.
May 23rd, 2006
you made a funny!
May 20th, 2006
That was totally sweet how Jack Lemmon and Charleton Heston had American accents. When my English class saw it, I proceeded to write a 5-page paper saying why this version sucked.
May 20th, 2006
If Branagh quit acting like he's god's gift to Shakespeare, I would die happy
May 8th, 2006
"lol, halflife" is right
April 15th, 2006
On on the site ?
No H in there, fella
February 28th, 2006
One time, my laptop screen cracked, and I had something like 700 dead pixels.
February 8th, 2006
On on the site ?dental plan!
January 16th, 2006
I swear there's a copy of F-Zero in there.
December 22nd, 2005
It's time to kick butt.
October 15th, 2005
On on the site ?PORK CHOPS
Love it, but I'm warning you in advance, I'm about to make another one...
September 18th, 2005
Oh lord, I was considering buying this system
August 11th, 2005
Did this first.
August 5th, 2005
Man, the blinking screen is gray, not white! 5 anyway
August 5th, 2005
Definitely made one of this a month ago
July 28th, 2005
On on the site ?TMNT WTF?
Gamera + Japanese TMNT theme = 5
July 27th, 2005
You need to use the wav from the Vader Price is Right ytmnd
July 16th, 2005
On on the site ?Rock Lobster...
How does Peter play two guitar parts on one guitar?
July 5th, 2005
On on the site ?What is NES love?
That movie never even had the chance to be made into a sh*tty TH-Q game.
July 4th, 2005
On on the site ?What is NES Porn
Good lord, someone remixed DuckTales?
June 30th, 2005
I saw that man front f*cking row
May 25th, 2005
On on the site ?
If ever anything as annoying as the songs from the Mario 3 and Mario World cartoons have been recorded, I have yet to hear them.
April 28th, 2005
On on the site ?(nsfw) Nintenuendo
Ring King
April 15th, 2005
On on the site ?dental plan!
My love for that joke will never cease.
January 25th, 2005
This one would be great if it worked.
November 20th, 2004
If that loop weren't just barely off, I could sit there with that in the backgroud for... minutes.