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?New Talent on 60 Minutes (4.78) Improviser 2006-10-20
The "new talent" would actually get me to watch 60 Minutes...
stormbringer10 2006-10-20
?Cosby Bebop (4.64) SirLemming 2006-10-20
Don't know what the Jazz is all about? Well then, "'re just going to sit here and enjoy it!"
stormbringer10 2006-10-20
?The Ultimate Bedside Surprise (4.60) LocutusOfBorg 2006-10-20
This site should serve as a wake-up call to Burger King and/or their ad execs about how uber-creepy the King is.
stormbringer10 2006-10-20
?Time to Hunt Mario (100% more peaches) (4.55) ollj 2006-10-20
Best site out of the whole "naked guy" fad, bar none.
stormbringer10 2006-10-20
?Stan Sells EVERYTHING To Guybrush (Monkey Is... (4.56) Torico 2006-10-20
The Secret of Monkey Island for THE WIN!!!11!!1!11!1!!
stormbringer10 2006-10-20
?The Ultimate Suffering (4.58) syncan 2006-10-20
Indeed, "The Cake Song" (or whatever the hell it's called) is on up there on the suffering scale...
stormbringer10 2006-10-20
?The Pokémon Are Coming! (4.12) wallet 2006-10-20
Cosby and the Pokey and the man are coming!
stormbringer10 2006-10-20
?Cosby's Golden (4.11) SirLemming 2006-10-20
Scarily enough, I've never heard the original by the Jurassic 5...
stormbringer10 2006-10-20
?The Prince is Behind (4.38) Mega-Hassi 2006-10-20
Katamari Damacy was/is soooooo much better than Signs...
stormbringer10 2006-10-20
?Chunk is Indestructible (4.51) syncan 2006-10-20
stormbringer10 2006-10-20
?The yellow brick road leads to... (4.34) gorillaz87 2006-10-20
If only it had Sidney Crosby's mug overlooking the valley...
stormbringer10 2006-10-20
?PTKFGS: omg, internet (4.42) TheFatGuy 2006-10-20
stormbringer10 2006-10-20
?PTKFGS: Joker: chacarron, chacarron, aliluliron (4.22) mike-smith 2006-10-20
As one of the commenters noted, it *does* look like the Joker is saying "Boobies". o_O
stormbringer10 2006-10-20
?PTKFGS: Rasputin (Moskau) (4.22) Easty 2006-10-20
"Rah, rah, Rasputin...Russia's greatest love machine!"
stormbringer10 2006-10-20
?Hobo-Cruise vs Mario & Toad (4.38) stratos-the-bratos 2006-10-20
Where's that lightning bolt or even a banana peel when you need it?
stormbringer10 2006-10-20
?Zelda - The Lost Woods (4.32) KaneRobot 2006-10-20
All the 80's you could ever want in one YTMND...
stormbringer10 2006-10-20
?Picard at Six Flags (3.78) MajinPiccolo 2006-10-23
The official Carolina Hurricanes 2006 Stanley Cup Run YTMND!!
stormbringer10 2006-10-23
?The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Intro (3.90) Phoojoeniam 2006-10-23
The best Zelda game ever. And that includes Ocarina of Time and the (as of now) upcoming Twilight Princess.
stormbringer10 2006-10-23
?Indiana Jones Can't Stop the Rock (4.35) Fooliano 2006-10-24
This SO should be shown on the Jumbotron at Carolina Hurricanes games whenever "Stop the Rock" is played.
stormbringer10 2006-10-24
?Indiana Jones Can't Stop Katamari Damacy (4.19) Khanman 2006-10-24
What got me hooked on that damn catchy Katamari Damacy theme...
stormbringer10 2006-10-24
?Lex Luthor > Scientology (4.60) RedBaron 2006-10-24
Best use of a movie scene involving an A-bomb, EVAH.
stormbringer10 2006-10-24
?3 SECOND POP TARTS?!?!?! (4.33) DavieD008 2006-10-24
I used to have Pop Tarts all the time, but never noticed that (stupid) instruction until I saw this.
stormbringer10 2006-10-24
?(nsfw) 3 SECOND POP TARTS PART 2 (4.00) DavieD008 2006-10-24
stormbringer10 2006-10-24
?Benny Hill is in Da Club (3.81) Yaridovich 2006-10-24
I think I like Benny Cent more than 50 Cent.
stormbringer10 2006-10-24
?Tom Hanks Finds New Harry Potter Book (Refresh... (4.30) secretpants 2006-10-24
Looks like there's gonna be no bedtime story for Wilson...
stormbringer10 2006-10-24
?United States of NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (4.05) LocutusOfBorg 2006-10-24
Best use of the "United States of Whatever" song, EVAH.
stormbringer10 2006-10-24
?KISS IS TEH BEST EVAR (refresh) (2.87) ChoirofWolves 2006-10-25
Well, they're a favorite of mine anyway...AND this is the best KISS related YTMND out there, at least for now.
stormbringer10 2006-10-25
?NBA Jam Returns (3.81) mattdh12 2006-11-01
I can't believe AND love how a good chunk of the commenters are so oblivious to the fact that the clips are college, NOT NBA, basketball clips. Oh, and GO HEELS!! ;D
stormbringer10 2006-11-04
?Ghostbusters Address Congress (4.24) richards6 2006-11-01
Who are ya gonna call?
stormbringer10 2006-11-01
?(nsfw) Beavis and Butthead Address Congress (4.20) catwatch 2006-11-01
stormbringer10 2006-11-01
?Radar O'Reilly address Congress (refresh) (3.44) Sclass12 2006-11-01
M*A*S*H for the win...even if this was from an episode after Trapper John left AND Colonel Blake got killed.
stormbringer10 2006-11-01
?Willy Wonka Addresses Congress (4.28) cowpatch5 2006-11-01
This WINS! Good day, sir!
stormbringer10 2006-11-01
?Steve Carell Addresses Congress (4.17) mmcxii 2006-11-01
This reminds me that I *so* need to see Bruce Almighty...
stormbringer10 2006-11-01
?Crono addresses Congress (4.13) Nickolai 2006-11-01
I *still* think Chrono Trigger is one of the most overrated games ever...though I know I need to try it sometime.
stormbringer10 2006-11-01
?Godzilla Addresses Congress (4.04) Deebsdavid 2006-11-01
He's offering to take them all to Taco Bell for lunch...
stormbringer10 2006-11-01
?Skittles Guy Addresses Congress (3.90) SirLemming 2006-11-01
A completely surreal take on 'tasting the rainbow'...
stormbringer10 2006-11-01
?Clark Griswold addresses Congress (now with girl t... (4.05) mgmayo27 2006-11-01
From the second best Vacation movie ever. A PG-13/Work Safe warning on this one.
stormbringer10 2006-11-01
?Bobby Knight Addresses Congress (3.96) dev1ant 2006-11-01
Somehow, I am not surprised that this was made. PG-13/Work Safe warning.
stormbringer10 2006-11-01
? (4.57) LifeInGreen 2006-11-04
The anime and video game geek in me enjoys this one WAY TOO MUCH...
stormbringer10 2006-11-04
?What is TNG: A Night at the Roddenberry (4.24) brdude 2006-11-04
I can't decide which is more well the heads match up or how well the two songs blend. o_O
stormbringer10 2006-11-04
?What I Ate On Thanksgiving. (4.16) Icachowda 2006-11-23
Say it with me: Mashed potatoes, gravy, and cranberry sauce...WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!
stormbringer10 2006-11-23
?THOR (3.66) mmcxii 2006-11-29
Who or what else? It's THOR!! THOR!! THOR!!
stormbringer10 2006-11-29
?Corn on the Cob! (4.44) trevlacessej 2006-11-30
Hey, John Williams has a sense of humor afterall!
stormbringer10 2006-11-30
?Boil 'em (4.18) ucka 2006-11-30
Good lord, this song often has a tendency to make moi hungry...
stormbringer10 2006-11-30
?YTMND sings in perfect harmony: RE-furbished (V... (4.42) gertbeef 2006-11-30
In the immortal words of the Partridge Family: C'mon, get happy!
stormbringer10 2006-11-30
?Typical Mythbusters Christmas (4.25) Eldebo 2006-12-24
About time somebody acknowledged the AWESOME geek's paradise of a show on here...
stormbringer10 2006-12-24
?Gman is NOT having a wonderful time (4.36) Spo8 2006-12-28
I have yet to play Half Life...but damn, this rocks my socks.
stormbringer10 2006-12-28
?The Zelda Car (4.13) bluefiberoptics 2007-01-03
Does it make me a complete nerd to admit that this just might be my dream car?
stormbringer10 2007-01-03
?Zelda - Everything Counts (4.09) stratos-the-bratos 2007-01-03
I don't know what is more awesome: The Link's Awakening cheat being demonstrated or the use of Depeche Mode music.
stormbringer10 2007-01-03
?I've never been happier (4.60) cooke 2007-02-19
I've never even seen The Great Escape, and STILL see this for the sheer genius it is! :D
stormbringer10 2007-02-19
?Robot Chicken: The Swedish Chef (4.06) thejitters 2007-04-03
It may not be the real Swedish Chef...but he comes pretty darn close!
stormbringer10 2007-04-03
?SHOCKING CATS (4.65) echo24 2007-04-10
stormbringer10 2007-04-10
?Cosby Touchdown (4.02) Kassius 2007-05-30
Best. Use. Of. Brass. Bonanza. EVAH.
stormbringer10 2007-05-30
?Carmen Sandiego has been FOUND AT LAST!!! (4.25) oracle402 2007-06-08
*does her best Barry Carl* YEAH!
stormbringer10 2007-06-08
?Super Mario Bros 3 - ualuealuealeuale (4.40) vaderpizza 2007-08-20
I am never going to look at the underground levels on Super Mario 3 the same ever again...
stormbringer10 2007-08-20
?Michael Moore Can't Catch His Burrito (4.22) Thorburninator 2007-09-11
Give it to me, baby!!
stormbringer10 2007-09-11
?Michael Moore is too easy to make fun of (4.34) MasterSitsu 2007-09-11
I ate his burrito.
stormbringer10 2007-09-11
?.irish heaven. (4.12) atomicbolt 2007-10-09
This makes me wish St. Patrick's Day was every day...except for Halloween and Christmas.
stormbringer10 2007-10-09
?Friendless Asian Kid Plays With KISS !!! (4.19) money-hat 2007-11-19
THIS is the best KISS related YTMND...making that other one I favorited the second best.
stormbringer10 2007-11-19