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?Chunk is Indestructible (4.51) syncan 2006-05-16
(retroactive) IIRC, this introduced a lot of unique elements into one hilarious result. The whole thing was unheard of on ytmnd except chunk's truffle shuffle image, sans bullet ricochet. High production value all around, just like most of syncan's work. In fact, just go visit his user page; Otherwise this page will be full of his sites. Note my vote spread, then consider that I vote more than 25% of his sites as 5s.
wallet 2006-05-27
?Cosby Bebop (4.64) SirLemming 2006-05-22
This is definitely the highest-quality Cosby site out there. Others are just as funny for their absurdism, but none match this in terms of production quality or appropriate theme; Cosby does indeed sound like bebop jazz.
wallet 2006-05-22
?Poketrainer Cruise (4.41) stratos-the-bratos 2006-05-22
There's nothing like getting an underused (or not at all used) clip out of a movie and truning it into something ridiculous. Cruise seems the most popular as of this writing. This site in particular is not so much a favorite, just the theme in general; expect a lot such archetypal site-favoriting in this list.
wallet 2006-05-27
?What is love!? (4.49) ligamentx 2006-05-22
(retroactive) What is love?! It's watching this ytmnd.
wallet 2006-05-27
?Marty Always Comes Back for More (4.04) rottengekko 2006-05-25
Aside from inane loops (like the Original or the picard song) and fads in general, this is easily my favorite kind of YTMND; a video loop that turns what originally made sense into something totally ridiculous.
wallet 2006-05-25
?fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff (3.47) Oleander 2006-05-26
This site captures the absurdist's sense of humor perfectly. Note that every text field surrounding the site is merely many "f"s, with no further explanation.
wallet 2006-05-26
?(nsfw) The Juggernaut delivers. (4.15) PlatformerMastah 2006-05-26
This is not favorite material per se, but it illustrates how pervasive internet memes have become. LOL @ reality.
wallet 2006-05-26
?Cosby-Mania Classic (4.35) Kassius 2006-05-27
(retroactive) Cosby was to some extent a lesser fad on YTMND, but by the time YTMND reached overall internet prominence, Cosby was long considered an "old meme". This site (or rather the old version it emulates of a since-changed site) revolutionized Cosby into one of the biggest fads to-date with its sampled-to-music formula. Some un-funny politicking resulted in a vote of 4, but it stands as an inspiration to fad-dom.
wallet 2006-05-27
?The Pokémon Are Coming! (4.12) wallet 2006-05-27
(retroactive) Although some might consider it outside the bounds of intended use to favorite one's own sites, I very much like it when people push the boundaries of the system, and it is indeed allowed, apparently. This is here because of all my sites as of writing, this is the only one I would probably 5 if I were an anonymous observer. Note that it's also, as of writing, my highest-rated YTMND; others seem to agree with my judgement.
wallet 2006-05-29
?(nsfw) Sandra Bullock Demands Satisfaction... (3.81) FGoat 2006-05-27
As long as this page has become not so much a list of the sites I found funniest necessarily but instead sites which have defined my visits to YTMND.com, I figured I should post this. I outlined this ytmnd in a comment for a site that used basically the same image, and the creator was kind enough to credit me as the inspiration. I think of it quite fondly as the ytmnd that got away.
wallet 2006-05-27
?BATMAN AND ROBIN SING! (4.09) billyboogieworrell 2006-05-27
This one's just HILARIOUS. Normally I vote 1 or 2 for plagarized pop culture, but because of the combination of obscurity and downright hilarity, I couldn't let this pass by with less than a 4. That's saying something. Visit it.
wallet 2006-05-27
?Can't Break Scotty's Stride (4.50) NovaDaveX 2006-05-28
This wins funny points. Shake-up of the "break-stride" fad.
wallet 2006-05-28
?DJ Bob Barker Owns One Record (4.32) AskAak 2006-05-29
An entry to the YTMND Remix Project. As I commented: "Wow, that gliding bald lead is just killer! Way to go!!"
wallet 2006-05-29
?(nsfw) 3 SECOND POP TARTS PART 2 (3.99) DavieD008 2006-06-02
This requires people to record their own new audio to exploit into a massive fad, which is likely why it never took off too much... But I will always love it. The slightly less-funny original is http://threesecondsmores.ytmnd.com/ ...and there's also a good one at http://icecold.ytmnd.com/
wallet 2006-06-02
?(nsfw) YTMND Causes Temporary Insanity (4.05) Concat 2006-06-04
Watching this YTMND casues a euphoria which is, well it's just great.
wallet 2006-06-04
?Star Wars: Cosby Strikes Back - UPDATED PIC ... (4.57) LocutusOfBorg 2006-06-11
Just when you think for the 4th time that this thing is going to loop, it keeps going. The sheer effort in the audio of this is amazing, in particular the dynamic slide on sound speed to match instruments (vibrato or other effects).
wallet 2006-06-11
?Epic Sisko Touchdown (4.31) LocutusOfBorg 2006-06-16
This is just god-damn hilarious. Watch it.
wallet 2006-06-16
?Time to Hunt Mario (100% more peaches) (4.55) ollj 2006-06-16
This is also maximum funny. June 16th has been a great day for YTMND.
wallet 2006-06-16
?(nsfw) The Real Moon Landing (4.23) Fatbug 2006-06-17
This is me on either end of the moon landing.
wallet 2006-06-17
?Wasting all your laundry money... (4.04) TheIncredibleGox 2006-06-18
wallet 2006-06-18
?Gman is NOT having a wonderful practical joke (4.46) havoc752 2006-06-19
This properly grasps the best of the Gman/Gmod YTMNDs, in using the face poser to achieve ridiculously huge smiles.
wallet 2006-06-19
?You're The Acapella Man Now Dog (4.16) billysk8r 2006-06-19
I *love* a cappella.
wallet 2006-06-19
?Dancing Cosby Entertains Agamemnon (4.53) drew00c 2006-06-23
This is a brilliant variation of the cosby theme.
wallet 2006-06-23
?Worf Reaches Enlightenment (4.28) Arktis 2006-07-31
wallet 2006-07-31
?Indiana Jones Can't Stop the Rock (4.35) Fooliano 2006-07-31
Popular though it was, this fad probably could have gone on longer.
wallet 2006-07-31
(retroactive) Popular though it was, this fad probably should have gone on longer.
wallet 2006-07-31
?Ace Ventura loves Techno (updated) (4.28) Nostromo 2006-08-05
This ytmnd gives me satisfaction.
wallet 2006-08-05
?Crazy Telemarketing Gangsta Rap (4.32) SirLemming 2006-09-06
Before you watch this, watch crazytelemarketer.ytmnd.com (you don't need the whole thing, but get the basic idea). This is an absolutely genius remix.
wallet 2006-09-06
?Dane Cook is a Genius! (4.39) syncan 2006-09-20
syncan is a Genius!
wallet 2006-09-20
?Nintendo 64 Gear Solid (4.22) BurgersAndFries 2006-09-26
Nintendo 64...?! NINTENDO 64!!!!
wallet 2006-09-26
?lol mario paint (4.31) barf 2006-10-05
Best Mario Paint site ever.
wallet 2006-10-05
?Batman: ualuealuealeuale (4.16) MowtenDoo 2006-10-13
(retroactive) A classic animated YTMND in every sense.
wallet 2006-10-13
?Neo vs. Agent BAH (4.59) kingstefan 2006-10-16
Dodge this.
wallet 2006-10-16
?Try this Position (4.30) benjaphar 2006-11-10
This is remarkable. I like how it doesn't just shove together audio and camera shots but actually blends them.
wallet 2006-11-10
?Soviet NEDM (4.61) ImTheDogNowMan 2006-11-13
I love these jokes, the ones that make no sense are the good ones.
wallet 2006-11-13
?(nsfw) Holy shi* it's a Dinosaur! WTF? (juras... (4.67) ALMusic 2006-11-13
ALMusic has managed to perfectly capture the grandeur of this inspiring tune.
wallet 2006-11-13
?Do you see? (4.53) Kayne 2006-11-20
Do you see?
wallet 2006-11-20
?You --->=[ LOSE ]=<---, good day sir. (4.55) Cataclaw 2006-12-04
How to put this gently...?
wallet 2006-12-04
?Cyberman: Declaration of War (4.43) fyrestorm 2006-12-06
(retroactive) Guess what guys? Your homes are about to get raided by the cops. Also see http://cybermanvsdaleks.ytmnd.com/
wallet 2006-12-06
Guess what guys? Your homes're 'bout to get raided by the cops! Also see http://cybermanvsdaleks.ytmnd.com/
wallet 2006-12-06
?(nsfw) DON'T Call Him Mr. Anderson!! (Mat... (4.16) lizardman 2006-12-06
This is the only NSFW fad besides NSMB taht I like.
wallet 2006-12-06
?YTMND vs. Sega (4.67) DZK 2007-01-12
This is surprisingly good.
wallet 2007-01-12
?It's Good! Want Some? (4.76) PCF 2007-01-12
Chocolate? Did you say... CHOCOLATE?
wallet 2007-01-12
?G-man boots up (4.40) noclip 2007-01-12
This is one of the few truely unexpected jokes, and to boot it's put together perfectly.
wallet 2007-01-12
?Ash's Play House (4.45) AnubisDX 2007-01-21
This is the best mental connection ever.
wallet 2007-01-21
?We Didn't Start This Website! (4.77) NeoMatrixClt 2007-02-05
It's amazing how comprehencive this is of all the fads of the last several years.
wallet 2007-02-05
?300TMND:How to motivate your troops(cleaner loo... (4.51) somerandomguy29 2007-03-12
wallet 2007-03-12
?Howard Dean vs. Telemarketing Lady (4.38) SirLemming 2007-03-12
Let me talk to your political supervisor.
wallet 2007-03-12
?Arnold shares his deepest feelings (4.71) AndySavage 2007-03-22
Arnold shares a tale that will warm your heart and wring tears from your eyes like juice from an orange.
wallet 2007-03-22
?That's the Power of Doc (4.60) AskAak 2007-03-27
So much effort, so little sense.
wallet 2007-03-27
?Arnold's got hoes (4.65) Necronomicon 2007-03-29
This is so unbelievably brilliant. I had to look up the song lyrics to make sure this is a real song... The fact that he managed to make this is a testament to the power of too much free time.
wallet 2007-03-29
?Tremors dance-a-thon (4.51) fearcondom 2007-04-01
This site's creator must be totally out of his freaking mind.
wallet 2007-04-01
?Judge Wonka Throws the Case Out (4.74) Mohrdikai 2007-06-24
You get, NOTHING!
wallet 2007-06-24
?Mario and the Devo Chamber (4.37) keatonkeaton999 2007-07-07
I thought of this joke 14 years ago, and it's just as funny today. Cheers keatonkeaton999.
wallet 2007-07-07
?Van Halen beats Hitler with the power of ROCK (4.53) LocutusOfBorg 2007-07-16
This rock will MELT YOUR FACE OFF.
wallet 2007-07-16
?Byrd for Pokemon Rights (4.66) fearcondom 2007-07-24
I always thought it was weird no one was bothered by pokémon being trained to fight each other. And if they have such intelligence, isn't calling them by their species name the same as only calling black people "negro"? "Hey negro! Can you hand me that please?" "Pikachu! Tackle attack!"
wallet 2007-07-24
?Terror on the Enterprise (3.86) ultimacanti 2007-09-01
wallet 2007-09-01
?Don't Taze Me Bro ooooOOOO-OOWW!! (4.58) xpirate16 2007-09-29
I'll tell you once more...
wallet 2007-09-29
?Well then who would you believe? (4.64) Necronomicon 2007-10-18
(retroactive) IF YOU SAY SO MR. LOGGIA!
wallet 2007-10-18
?Tubular Nets (4.71) astuteNacute 2007-12-06
LOL, internet.
wallet 2007-12-06
?Brain Freeze (4.53) fearcondom 2008-04-09
Like the original YTMND, this is so good I'm tempted to rent the original film just to see it in context.
wallet 2008-04-09
?Much GAAAAAAH About Nothing (4.56) MrSinistar 2010-07-02