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?Willy Wonka's Acid Trip (YTMNLSD) (4.41) syncan 2006-06-21
Everyone should watch this one at least once.
happydorkgirl 2006-06-21
?If Animals Were Racist (4.03) Renorei 2006-06-21
The world needs more things like this in it. :)
happydorkgirl 2006-06-21
?Pop-Up YTMND: Picard Song (4.40) Votey 2006-06-23
?Breaking News! (4.11) State-of-mind 2006-06-23
The best sound mix ever!
happydorkgirl 2006-06-23
?Worf Reaches Enlightenment (4.29) Arktis 2006-06-23
?- (4.23) AskAak 2006-06-24
All YTMND should aspire to be this simple and funny.
happydorkgirl 2006-06-24
?LOL Paintings (4.14) omgbrblol 2006-06-25
?Emo Darth Vader (4.00) IAmTheCheese 2006-06-28
?giraffes in the air! (4.29) cheekygirl 2006-06-29
I don't know why I love this one so much - but it the beat does make me want to get my giraffe up in the air.
happydorkgirl 2006-06-29
?Indiana Jones Can't Stop the Rock (4.35) Fooliano 2006-06-29
?OH SNAP (3.86) inkweeweeus 2006-06-29
?Floooor (4.03) gdh 2006-06-29
?for all OMG Secret NAZI sites (3.79) HockeyUSA27 2006-07-02
Another site created for educational purposes.
happydorkgirl 2006-07-02
?Don't Dream It (3.70) syncan 2006-07-02
?AH AH AH. YOU DIDN'T SAY THE MAGI... (4.24) onefifty 2006-07-03
I just really like this one for some reason.
happydorkgirl 2006-07-03
?3.141592653589793... (4.34) kraln 2006-07-03
...because I'm a nerd.
happydorkgirl 2006-07-03
?Most Annoying (And Awesome, It Seems) Bill Nye... (4.27) JBOD 2006-07-19
?lol, heavenly glory (updated sound) (4.17) queenie-z 2006-07-19
This one took a lot of effort. Good lord.
happydorkgirl 2006-07-19
?goodbye . . . (4.05) zer0hue 2006-07-26
A very well-made ytmnd.
happydorkgirl 2006-07-26
...an extremely well-made ytmnd. Impeccable loop, eerie music, no message - it is what it is: art.
happydorkgirl 2006-08-03
?Sit back. Relax. (3.76) XamAN 2006-07-26
I love sites like these.
happydorkgirl 2006-07-26
?Machinegun Cat (4.09) h00rj 2006-07-28
My dog was mesmerised by this one. That's the only reason that I Faved it.
happydorkgirl 2006-07-28
This one's here because my dog was amused by it. The expression on his face was priceless. :)
happydorkgirl 2006-07-28
?BORED?! (4.14) TjenTang 2006-07-28
...because it's true.
happydorkgirl 2006-07-28
?RICE (4.04) renegade64 2006-07-28
Yet another simple, well-executed ytmnd.
happydorkgirl 2006-07-28
?!!!!!!!! (4.08) MasterSitsu 2006-07-30
?Yttrium Thulium Neodymium: YTmNd (4.16) trizob 2006-07-31
Chemistry always wins in my book.
happydorkgirl 2006-07-31
?[ytmnd] (4.07) mcjesus 2006-08-01
?Religion & Politics (4.48) PocoLoco 2006-08-01
A really good site using image and text to convey a strong message well really a comment on fighting and politics aimed at the people who sit at their keyboards and spew hateful lectures on parties and labels (not logic and reason) the irony is that these people who sit at their keyboards and spew hateful lectures on parties and labels not reason all clicked on this website and heard the same sound that the rest of us heard and instead of reflecting upon the strong message they left silly comments and started to fight about parties and labels while wholly ignoring the logic and reason the website presented.
happydorkgirl 2006-08-01
?LUNG! (4.12) MasterSitsu 2006-08-01
Another good, solid ytmnd. We should all celebrate our lungs in such a manner.
happydorkgirl 2006-08-01
?We’re artists now. (4.60) dedcat 2006-08-02
?Jon Has Gone Crazy (4.30) monkeyleejones 2006-08-02
I had to go hug my dog after watching this one.
happydorkgirl 2006-08-02
?A trip through the human body (4.28) TheGh0st81 2006-08-02
Another awesome science-related ytmnd.
happydorkgirl 2006-08-02
?AH AH AH. I DIDN'T HEAR YOU WASH ... (4.30) Moonews 2006-08-03
The ptkfgs version of another one of my favorites. This one keeps me rockin'... backwards.
happydorkgirl 2006-08-03
?Awesome Milk *now with YTMND comments* (4.43) Zuaxdion 2006-08-03
The power of YTMND is awesome - just like this milk. See "Qveen Anne" for my comments.
happydorkgirl 2006-08-03
?The Wrath of Khan 's Spoiler (4.19) jcraig1701 2006-08-03
This site wins. WARNING: Do not watch if you haven't read the latest Harry Potter book. I had the ending spoiled for me a while ago and, although I'm sure that there isn't a single person on this site who doesn't know what happens, I'd hate to end up spoiling it for someone else.
happydorkgirl 2006-08-03
?(nsfw) Stimpy is Violated (ren and stimpy) (4.04) imnotsatan 2006-08-03
happydorkgirl 2006-08-03
?Real Medieval Pi (4.29) fuxor 2006-08-03
Accurate ancient math!
happydorkgirl 2006-08-03
?Medieval Medieval (3.91) Ioden 2006-08-08
?Tree (3.71) Dux00rs 2006-08-26
This is beautiful.
happydorkgirl 2006-08-26
?Cognition (3.89) xXWaspXx 2006-08-26
Go psych!
happydorkgirl 2006-08-26
?Star Trek's Best White Noise (Sound Fix) (4.14) Xanitos 2006-08-26
happydorkgirl 2006-08-26
?Uninspired (3.00) Kymeera 2006-09-05
?I Want YTMND (4.23) syncan 2006-09-06
?(nsfw) ARIEL !!! STAY AWAY from YTMND!!!! (4.58) money-hat 2006-10-10
Beautifully done. NSFW.
happydorkgirl 2006-10-10
?Auf Wiedersehen to Secret Nazi Forest! (refresh) (4.19) monsterparty 2006-10-22
I laughed way too hard at this one.
happydorkgirl 2006-10-22
?asdf (4.02) cooke 2006-10-26
I, for one, love this new wave of artistic sites. This is lovely. :)
happydorkgirl 2006-10-26
?Set Phasers to ROCK! (4.59) dedcat 2006-11-03
This wins in so many ways.
happydorkgirl 2006-11-03
?Whose Breakdance is it Anyway? (4.07) jndcp21 2007-03-13
?The MOST Superior Tornado Warning (4.10) cricketboy 2007-07-01
Weather FTW!
happydorkgirl 2007-07-01
?Cooooooooo......KIE! (3.59) xpirate16 2007-07-13
happydorkgirl 2007-07-13
?24 Hours of Sunlight (4.50) Bob-the-Builder 2008-01-15
?Conan is... MULTIPLE MICHAEL JACKSONS (4.22) khavo 2009-08-01
?I'm gonna go to hell when I die (3.08) GT52 2010-03-06
?I'ma gonna go to hell when I die! (4.22) Poggle 2010-03-06
?Conan Walks Away (3.92) jolietjane 2010-03-06
?Conan's Car Trouble (4.20) NickAlexSnutch 2010-03-25
?Future Conan Enslaves Asia *update3* (4.41) Cranberry 2010-12-30