Random YTMNDs

site title creator score
?Brock Lesnar wins World title triplehfan (3.40) 
?Saddam spoils Harry Potter thefranchise (1.00) 
?Mansonwannabe Fails at Life on MySpace sw4nloveshoes (2.30) 
?Gir has his own Graffil Writeing biggum300 (1.33) 
?GHETTOS SIGN outdrinkingagain (2.20) 
?Sam Wyche: I'm going to Kings Island! CoastersNSich (3.00) 
?Alternate Star Wars Ep. I Ending! mstrike (2.00) 
?Carl Stole My Bike! ShiroiHikari (2.50) 
?WTF IS THIS?!?! DaG (3.00) 
?back then they didnt want her pzychodel1kate (2.75) 
?Live long and prosper, Pharrell UtaO (1.00) 
?Goddamn you Synack (1.25) 
?RACEHORSE'S BOOTY HOLE monkeytrousers (1.48) 
?Jesus, Seinfeld, and MacGyver Rock out! ScreenName123 (2.33) 
?Fooly Cooly WAFFLEMASTER (2.28) 
?Rock! supercoolawesomeness (2.33) 
?Dreadlord Duo m00k (2.67) 
?E Groggie (3.08) 
?He Killed Your Cat!!! RawNuts (3.81) 
?Kneeljorel mattjo (2.67) 
?not gay (but supportive) Wilhemson (2.33) 
?(nsfw) LittlAmrcanBoyAz: fone sex much? virtualarson (3.00) 
?(nsfw) I Have An Erection Grog (4.02) 
?NEDMan Sells Chapstick Alexandrelol (2.75) 
?Sir Chris is a Price is Right champion! dunsparce (3.93) 
?Ron Loves Chuck 4-ever youarethewindbeneath (1.80) 
?ZEIG LARLAR Pony (3.71) 
?klfjkopjdofijsodifjsodfijsdfio StarvingBum (1.53) 
?YTMND Ran out of Subject Matter RuBBa-cHiKiN (3.58) 
?Intel Song is new summer hit! interu (4.06) 
?She sees the hat....but is she gunna touch it? montg (3.00) 
?hello computer fearmymullet (3.76) 
?Cast Of Wayne 5! Qnslaught (1.76) 
?RIP RILEY tonnytwotone (2.36) 
?Uzumaki will make you go insane cyber95 (3.64) 
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