Worthwhile YTMNDs

site title creator score
?Welcome Back YTMND phillies (3.71) 
?Revenge Of The Sith (SP?) Burlz (3.70) 
?Sonic gives some Barney Calhoun advice. JaoMao1 (3.73) 
?How can it be both!?!?!?!?!? csamelak (3.82) 
?What is Dumbledore? Xer0 (3.96) 
?Runescape works it! milinko959 (3.73) 
?(nsfw) Lord of the Rings Truth or Dare Dr-J (3.91) 
?Prof. X got pwnt!! (refresh) soosexyithurts (3.77) 
?Raveheart TIGER style! fduptothemax (3.89) 
?Mario Kart mrstupes (3.75) 
?Eminem & Benny Hill - Without Me Goncalves (4.04) 
?Lionel Joseph? From Cameroon? sironyx (3.82) 
?Got caught....BY DEAN!! haelsqueegie (3.76) 
?MC Milton! ddevil101 (3.86) 
?Iron Man had ONE weakness! DIGIHAD (3.86) 
?(nsfw) Facebook Beautiful Truck vs. STFU Tank arukado (4.21) 
?I know how to get Twilight Princess!! masaharumorimoto (3.92) 
?Real life Katamari Damacy Solo061 (3.99) 
?Hot Ladies, all SEXY and all NAKED!!! Deer-Slayer (3.74) 
?OMG secret nazi dominoes Intelevend (4.00) 
?Homer Addresses Congress clumsy (3.83) 
?Google > Rent ehFk (4.17) 
?(nsfw) Lol, interbutt (now with moving .gif!) Hoodyman216 (3.83) 
?Beer Apollo386 (4.00) 
?Dick Clark 2006 Extravaganza!! Woodchipper-Fornicat (4.10) 
?(nsfw) My name is Charlie fishbulb25 (3.89) 
?Speedy GonRetard germanjohn (4.00) 
?Brian Peppers (Child Molesting Piano Teacher) penx (4.03) 
?YTMND-Day (Map Update) guitarchase (4.03) 
?The Blue Screen of Death that you'll WAN... MrCoolWhip (4.22) 
?Game Glitch anboto (4.03) 
?Domokun Innocent ATKjr (4.00) 
?OMG, Secret Nazi Wario and Waluigi! Koolkirby (3.89) 
?He is on druuuuugs-SPLAT! Kzer-za (3.82) 
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