Worthwhile YTMNDs

site title creator score
?snoop doing it old school, REAL old school feat pha... mast (4.22) 
?Learning With Kung Pow. Epilhater (3.95) 
?Mr Data Punch the Keys AdrianShephard (3.74) 
?Keep Your Fork axlbonbach (3.83) 
?Chris Farley Works It j3pro (4.12) 
?FUCK YOURSELF AND DIE XDestruction (4.08) 
?Medieval headshot MrKhan (3.82) 
?Azumanga iehhhhhhhhhhhhh XDestruction (4.01) 
?The Upvoter And His Upkateer Crew TheUpvoter (3.93) 
?Data fights for Picard song! (refresh) Windman (4.06) 
?Mr. Rogers Is Horny =O jraider3000 (3.84) 
?Facebook tells it like it is. Groggie (4.07) 
?Oh, sorry google THELLIKTIE (3.93) 
?KITTEN ORGY!!! Poog009 (3.79) 
?Math pwned Tiger! Find X. limozeen (3.95) 
?Mortal Crossing K1migi (4.00) 
?I challenge you to a choppadoo! Galano (3.79) 
?lol, 1920 throes (4.09) 
?(nsfw) Potty Humor syncan (3.77) 
?What is cocaine? drjones56 (3.90) 
?New Orleans finally gets their much antisipated Xbo... llammalrdsofsci (3.89) 
?Total Recall Star... drsoap (4.28) 
?Bad Dancer Nooooooo finnishpirate (4.27) 
?Eric Bauman hard at work KittenEater (3.79) 
?Numa Numa Lyrics ninjabirdie (3.98) 
?A Redneck Haiku SilentSwan (3.95) 
?Orson Welles Likes Peaness! primusfan (4.13) 
?Adolf Zim embroisured (3.88) 
?hamburger helper wishlist stalina (4.00) 
?Evil Stare - Tiled for all that is holy! Dav0r123 (3.79) 
?I'm Not Salieri and I didn't steal your bi... gman28 (3.81) 
?Strike One Super Cat Reddington (4.00) 
?Ducktales will EAT YOUR SOUL Rikard (3.88) 
?Jim Fixx Died of Irony Cosmopanda (3.97) 
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