Worthwhile YTMNDs

site title creator score
?NO FREAKAZOID, DON'T SAY CAN... SeiferA (4.06) 
?Tigger stole my bike omgfossil (3.76) 
?Kel Has Only >ONE< Weakness DarthCredible (3.72) 
?Gi Joe madkiller (4.07) 
?Magic isn't just a game! monsterparty (3.80) 
?LOL Kooger (3.86) 
?SMURFOCIDE! Lynxclock (3.89) 
?Trix Rabbit goes Crazy SZF2001 (3.80) 
?George Bush Whatever aiko (3.83) 
?The Becktionary Oplem (3.81) 
?Do you still own a Dreamcast? sirtmagus (3.94) 
?Keanu Needs a Bananaphone tennyocelestia (3.73) 
?No U! Kimboslice (4.09) 
?DJ Kitty Scratch balticave (4.03) 
?Look who's coming to town! largemarmot (3.76) 
?My last site from my crappy Dell Down (3.87) 
?Look Out For JAWS! Turbots (3.71) 
?Mr. Bean killed Princess Di pgodbout (3.76) 
?OFFTOPICEMO FreeAgent2098 (3.75) 
?Saddam Airguitar! pyramidion (4.00) 
?GoogleMaps now has an animated helper buddy! agentanderson (4.12) 
?Gman is thirsty exim13 (3.74) 
?I CANT UNDERSTAND YOU!!!!! Hagey (4.00) 
?INTERPRET THAT MAN! (family immigration prop... FatManofDoom (4.22) 
?The Ultimate time-out for naughty children sammich22 (3.90) 
?Lol Bacon Firebert (4.06) 
?Ray Nagin: Safety Not Guaranteed Chocolate City mike92085 (3.96) 
?Moto Power! SpiritVII (3.86) 
?Mohammed Appears In A Tortilla silvercherry (3.87) 
?Shadow of the Colossus Tribute 4 of 6 SIREN (3.93) 
?every time i close my eyes MasterSitsu (3.98) 
?Dude Im stoned angelicgansta (3.83) 
?Star Wars Episode II according to Star Wars Galax... Evildingo2 (3.79) 
?The Night Santa Went Crazy graywolf403 (3.88) 
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