Worthwhile YTMNDs

site title creator score
?United States of WRYYYYYYYYYY Jett (3.81) 
?Cameron Goes Bezerk InTheCell (3.75) 
?What is SimTunes? LegendaryDave (3.92) 
?So, what happens in Australia? omgfossil (4.01) 
?(nsfw) DMX talks cars silentdrummer (3.94) 
?Metalman Stage GrimBastard (3.70) 
?A Zelda Story(Refresh) ib4L (3.82) 
?In the midnight hour cry... TenaciousA (4.00) 
?Mr. Body Massage Machine BWhere (4.05) 
?Porn really IS on the internet?! OMG!? SgtRhoruns (3.80) 
?Real Basketball ShutUpFaggot (3.77) 
?Bitch I'm Rich ylime (3.86) 
?Simpsons: Hey Ma, How bout some cookies? furbygodfather (4.11) 
?Omg, secret nazi Finland! (Part 2) Windman (3.74) 
?I never cared for Strokin' Off Slimey (3.89) 
?Corn is no place for... MonkeeDude (4.26) 
?Trevor! Trevor Murdoch! TehScurr (4.00) 
?Sonic The Cop EKAJ13 (4.04) 
?(nsfw) Church Allows Adult Entertainment dantezero (4.15) 
?I love horses! Dahman (3.97) 
?Lick Pussy ajquick (3.84) 
?Zone of t he Enders Cockpit ArcticCrash (3.88) 
?Stalin is a... Kaider (4.11) 
?How do I use cockpit? IsaacJoule (4.30) 
?bush smokes the ganja MrJizay (3.80) 
?Nickelodeon Studios Tombstone ;_; PlasmaOnion (4.11) 
?90s Nostalgia LEGO style galeninjapan (4.05) 
?Wake up Jimmy! westifer (3.73) 
?Big Bird Opens A Portal To Hell ttt (3.80) 
?Bill Gates vs Pi wildrows (3.89) 
?Carless mrmontez2000 (3.82) 
?Mana doesn't change facial expressions Linkman214 (3.98) 
?Safety not guaranteed on the mooon... drjones56 (3.77) 
?Conan does not change facial expressions! Vladicon (4.13) 
?Comrade Jean-Luc Picard, USS Communism Khruschev (4.02) 
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