Worthwhile YTMNDs

site title creator score
?It's dat WOO WOOO! moneyshot (3.77) 
?moskau vs. melodic metal vs. midi perse (3.71) 
?EIGHTH CAT IN THE SINK HadesFish (3.75) 
?Iron Swedish Chef LocutusOfBorg (3.94) 
?Jack Thompson doesn't spread stereotypes Discomurf (3.93) 
?(nsfw) Koopa blows up Pikawil (3.87) 
?Osaka vs. Predator CaptBob (3.79) 
?(nsfw) premature freedom at birth *NSFW* koalkoal (3.71) 
?What is Rowsdower?! infinityDUCK (3.97) 
?Why are people so retarded??? hongchong7 (3.92) 
?Cheer up! dewgy (4.25) 
?Detailed YTMND sex map virfus (3.81) 
?Homer Flintstone SilentSwan (3.76) 
?Sayonara Sensei: Noriyuki "Pat" Morita... monsterparty (3.95) 
?WWE SmackDown!: Final Fantasy Style Suben (3.78) 
?A Public Service Announcment. eldaanzari (3.99) 
?Nazis Invade Ohio! kanks (4.03) 
?From the makers of Gay Fuel: TenaciousA (3.97) 
?Jean Claude Van Dayyuuum SMMM (4.00) 
?Conan in the Future Demands Loyalty imborden (4.10) 
?James Woods likes candy danthemute (4.11) 
?Meshuggah TweedleDum (3.88) 
?Worst game ending EVER!!! jtscuggs (3.93) 
?Chocolate Vader scrow (3.74) 
?¡ Rerunvolución ! syncan (3.80) 
?Conan is... Pulling the Lever scottman25 (4.09) 
?Limewire Has a Great Search Engine thirtyseven (3.95) 
?Cat bread baronvonbeeftip (3.71) 
?Lamb Chop Doesn't Change Facial Expressi... Shorty-Longstrokin (4.09) 
?Get'em Hitler Phat-Matt (3.83) 
?What the world thinks of LARP PingPong85 (3.96) 
?The New Lara Croft Miami-13 (3.94) 
?How about I give you the finger... Fresno (3.79) 
?You know you should.... feimi (4.25) 
?return of the ode to spot lowcast (3.77) 
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