Worthwhile YTMNDs

site title creator score
?Benny Hill is in Da Club Yaridovich (3.81) 
?MULTI TRACK DRIFTING dasupalouie (4.09) 
?Mortal Kombat!! Bruce Bowen Wins! Rancid (3.96) 
?(nsfw) METALBRITNEY Straggler (3.76) 
?The Yell of Hate amarelo (3.75) 
?Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers!! el-cid-84 (3.75) 
?James Bond's New Car Xanatos (3.85) 
?What Would You Do? (Nickelodeon) Radio-F-Software (3.80) 
?throw the jew down the well drgal (4.00) 
?Kurt Cobain in better times MasterSitsu (4.04) 
?Smarter Child Killed JFK! Fierce-Deity (4.11) 
?best term paper EVAR FTW!!!!! dustinthewind (3.93) 
?Get Your Hair Did gorillaz87 (3.79) 
?Let Me See That Smile - South Park sobinae (3.76) 
?The Kool Aid Dance TheIceCreamMan (3.84) 
?the eggs lysergia (4.04) 
?Blue sinecure (4.00) 
?Kaorin has the fever (azumanga) Snadzies (3.86) 
?it's dare phatjoe (3.80) 
?Sailor Moon meets Michael Moore crunchitizemecapn (4.08) 
?The Captain has left the ship? Frunk (3.99) 
?Chuck Norris pwns Bob Barker Nickolai (3.84) 
?It;s still real to the Big Show, DAMNIT! Lukey2k5 (3.78) 
?OMG, secret nazi Dr. Mario! *now fixed* oldspicehighenduranc (4.08) 
?ZOMG NEW FUTURAMA!! sn0wman (4.01) 
?19 or 20? exs10s (4.18) 
?LIMOZEEN is Ridin' Spinnaz dayve57 (3.86) 
?Spidey is :( on Valentine's Day... (full scree... monsterparty (4.05) 
?A Predator Spins Round Animeking194 (4.00) 
?Vader needs money for Death Star ranix (3.73) 
?(nsfw) n*gg* stole karl pilkington's knob at nig... davemann (3.91) 
?Buy The World A Coke princemuchao (3.88) 
?Pirate Hooker?!?! ARRESTED! depaulq3 (3.97) 
?Lambchop Seizes Control. Fleeflicker (3.88) 
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