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?What's New Pussycat (3.74) max 2006-05-10
The first YTMND aside from the original that literally made me laugh out loud, be it from the hillarious picture, the sound loop, or the absurdity of making a site out of this, which seemed ridiculous at the time, and was what made YTMND funny in the first place.
Daltonofzeal2 2006-05-11
?Picard Song (4.56) ShittyMcShit 2006-05-10
Now that I look back at it, it's really just a loop of someone else's MP3, but it's too damn funny. Probably due to the impact this single site has had on YTMND as a whole. It's a shame everyone thinks anything containing Patrick Stewart is YTMND gold, though.
Daltonofzeal2 2006-05-12
?(nsfw) Leroy scream (1.85) Adverb 2006-05-10
The best "endurance" site YTMND has to offer. Stare right into his fist as the image spins around, and concentrate; time seems to slow down and the sound bounces around in your ears. Try it; it's cosmic!
Daltonofzeal2 2006-05-12
?Back to the Future sound anyone? (3.09) Kassius 2006-05-10
Perhaps Kassius' wackiest and funniest site. The image is the very definition of "fucked up", and the sound is LEGENDARY.
Daltonofzeal2 2006-05-13
?this is my ytmnd about george bush (2.91) leileilol 2006-05-10
This was the funniest and downright strangest of the sites in BuzdaHatesYou's "Use this cheesy sound effect from Scarface!" contest. This YTMND inspired me to create a line of knock-offs, eventually killing the joke.
Daltonofzeal2 2011-03-05
?(nsfw) Niggatrons (2.29) inkdrinker 2006-05-10
Highly original and fun to listen to, not to mention hillarious. I love the edit; looks very much like a post-apocalyptic city ruined by war.
Daltonofzeal2 2006-05-13
?Infrared semen move through the night (2.99) inkdrinker 2006-05-10
One of the funniest "Dew" sites, though I dislike referring to such sites by that label. Minimalist "song lyric" sites were in production long before Dew brought them into the public eye. Regardless, this one's great.
Daltonofzeal2 2006-05-13
?The Interweb is My Home (1.71) Waziot 2006-05-10
I can't tell what on Earth it is supposed to be, but the sound, the picture, and the text make me laugh every time.
Daltonofzeal2 2006-05-13
?(nsfw) where the tomhawk missle is v@d3r noes an... (1.96) Waziot 2006-05-10
One of my favourite "Dalton" type tribute sites. Waziot has been studying my style a bit too closely, it seems; note the AdGif, the rambling paragraph ridden with typos and content errors, the sound consisting of god knows what, and the hideous image with "fad characters" pasted everywhere.
Daltonofzeal2 2006-05-13
?EIFFEL TOWER GUITAR PARTY (2.42) barenholtzd 2006-05-10
My favourite of this short lived, but entertaining forum fad.
Daltonofzeal2 2006-05-13
?This site, it shall bring the funny in THREE ways!! (3.61) TheJMaqExperience 2006-05-10
Not so subtle, but good point. YTMND is funny because it jumps out at you (hence the reason why the text does that in IE), not because 30 seconds into it, Vader appears and disagrees with something.
Daltonofzeal2 2006-05-27
?You'll LOVE Harry and the Hendersons!! (3.87) TheJMaqExperience 2006-05-10
I love the "message" here, but what makes this one a favorite in my book is the fact that it's not just the entire promo with a title picture; JMaq cut the sound to the point, added a funny close-up face that's just too goofy looking not to laugh at, and threw in some good old YTMND text for good measure.
Daltonofzeal2 2006-06-11
?Leon is not amused. (3.21) robelanator 2006-05-10
As I once said, the fact that the sound loops well is half the reason it's so funny. The image is the other half. I think it's the angle the picture is at, but it's really funny. I'm not faving this because I saw the movie (I haven't), I'm faving this because it's genuinely funny, even if I don't "get" it on the level fans of the movie might.
Daltonofzeal2 2006-06-11
?RIP Elton John, you will be missed (3.27) StarvingBum 2006-05-10
An absolutely senseless noise site that appeals to me for some reason. This is perhaps the loudest sound I've heard through a computer's speakers, and the image is the funniest arrangement of colored boxes I've ever seen.
Daltonofzeal2 2006-06-11
?(nsfw) I made an unoriginal Fad Conglomerate, doe... (2.06) tehpwner2 2006-05-11
The sound is catchier than it should be, and I like the "no more fad conglomerates" message. Seriously, what's so funny about a bunch of Photoshop edits with "YTMND characters" in place of objects or things?
Daltonofzeal2 2006-06-11
?(nsfw) My RoflCopter is Going (2.32) Waziot 2006-05-18
I love this one. It starts off innocently enough as you wonder why the helicopter is crashed. Then the sound kicks in, and immediately, all becomes clear.
Daltonofzeal2 2011-03-05
?(nsfw) I'm in your brain (2.75) Norman-238 2006-05-20
This is perhaps the most painful site to leave on for prolonged periods. The picture only adds to the agony.
Daltonofzeal2 2006-05-20
?Doomsday Dance Party! (trial version, 30 days) (3.13) TheJMaqExperience 2006-05-27
Doomsday was so busy dancing and singing in front of a flashing colored background that he forgot to finish Superman off. Or something; I don't read comics. Love this site though.
Daltonofzeal2 2006-05-27
?FIAR EMBELM LATS BOS BRUNS .D.R VADRE... (3.16) Daltonofzeal2 2006-05-27
Yep, looks like you can favourite your own sites.
Daltonofzeal2 2006-05-27
?I'm not even trying anymore (3.24) PsychoCola 2006-05-27
We all feel this way sometimes. Why a driveway for an image? I'll never know.
Daltonofzeal2 2011-03-05
?- (4.23) AskAak 2006-05-28
A very clever, very inventive, "Dew" site, and one of the most minimal YTMNDs I have ever seen.
Daltonofzeal2 2011-03-05
?OLD IMAGE + UNRELATED SOUND (3.82) Down 2006-06-11
Sometimes, you don't need to blare or distort or mash up the sound to get a good laugh. This site is a great exception.
Daltonofzeal2 2011-03-05
?(nsfw) THE L RON HUBBARD AND XENU GO O... (3.39) Adverb 2006-06-15
Most likely inspired by http://mostawfulshortmovieytmndinexistence.ytmnd.com/ , Adverb does a fine job here telling the collective YTMND conciousness to space out the Scientology YTMNDs a bit and move on to a different subject to ridicule for a while.
Daltonofzeal2 2011-03-05
?The Bike Is Returned! (3.69) zomglolwtfzor 2006-07-02
This is the site that introduced me to the genius that is zomglolwtfzor. I'm usually good at describing things, but this is so awe-inspiringly random and fascinating that I can't find to describe its majesty.
Daltonofzeal2 2011-03-05
?TEHPWNER2 TOO DVOITED ME!! (3.40) zomglolwtfzor 2006-07-03
Why I forgot to favourite this, I do not know. But again, this is fucking hillarious. There's just so much rambling text on the screen, and that makes it funny.
Daltonofzeal2 2006-07-03
?(nsfw) NICE FUCKING MODEL (3.47) michaelwolfson 2006-07-27
YTMND in its purest, funniest form.
Daltonofzeal2 2006-07-27
?Vs Space Pirates (2.21) ShadowMan-1od 2006-08-04
Daltonofzeal2 2006-08-04
?graphic tightening error. (3.95) Kassius 2006-09-12
?TH4T P1ZZ4 1S F0R D1SPL4Y PURP0S3S 0NLY... (4.23) BTape 2007-01-07
A memorial to one of the funniest sites I've seen recently.
Daltonofzeal2 2007-01-07
?Khankhanriko Village: Redux (3.99) RubilacEx 2007-04-17
?$37000 (3.08) houseofcards 2007-04-30
?this is my ytmnd about dog the bounty hunter (3.00) houseofcards 2007-06-06
Everyone should make at least 3 of these sites. That being said, this one is the funniest of the bunch. It makes me feel unsure of whether to laugh out loud or cower in fear. He's staring right at me, but he's only 16 colors....
Daltonofzeal2 2007-06-07
?Baron Samedi laughs at you (4.10) Omega1 2007-06-25
?VSNBC has NOOOO Class (Update: I'm pr... (4.14) AegisReflector 2007-06-27
?(nsfw) HD-DVD code (3.25) zomglolwtfzorlosthis 2007-07-02
?*REMIX*BARTDOYOUWANTSOMEBROWNIES... (4.33) brisck1 2007-07-22
?asdfasdfasdfasdf (3.75) Jimx 2007-07-24
The last standing structure of a once great empire.
Daltonofzeal2 2007-07-24
?Doug learns about This is a Fad Because I Said So (3.78) DarthWang 2007-07-25
?Funny pic and sound (2.67) dewbleDew 2007-07-31
Sure, the pic is stolen and the sound might be too, but they work oh so well together.
Daltonofzeal2 2007-07-31
?It's a Pizzone! (4.45) Volume 2007-08-02
?Dont Tase Christopher Lloyd! (2.92) TenaciousA 2007-09-23
?YOU HIT GARFIELD!!! (1.94) JamesChicks 2007-09-23
?Turn That Frown Upside Down (3.00) cowpatch5 2007-11-16
?this is my ytmnd about heath ledger (3.06) omgbomb 2008-01-26
?your move, creep (3.88) TheCryOfAHungryBaby 2008-01-28
?BRB - FBI (1.95) inkdrinker 2008-02-24
?Cliff Hanger (3.25) PSlugworth 2008-02-29
?The Long-Awaited Rematch (3.68) houseofcards 2008-03-09
?(nsfw) LOL ITS THE YTMND SIMSONS AND EV... (4.00) AegisReflector 2008-03-30
?Nigga Stole My Legs (3.71) houseofcards 2008-04-03
?Super Mario All-Stars! (3.13) MurdarMachene 2008-04-10
?(nsfw) NONONONONOOO-NONO: JOOOOOOOIN... (3.97) Father-McKenzie 2008-04-14
?Masters Of Virginia Tech (3.00) houseofcards 2008-04-18
?Baron Laser Concepts Phone Call (4.09) tkx7 2008-04-19
?Keyword Nintendo. (1.60) momthinksimcool 2008-06-03
?Future Darth Conan conspire to "sabotage&q... (3.43) AegisReflector 2008-06-29
?mario makes a sandwich (4.26) mattdh12 2008-08-15
?inkdrinker's nightmare (2.83) leileilol 2008-08-16
?(nsfw) FAGGOT (4.21) MurdarMachene 2008-08-18
?2/64 - Belfour Eagle (3.94) barf 2008-09-02
?Sean Connery Actionscript Discovery Channel (3.25) houseofcards 2008-09-03
?Buy My Book! (4.08) MasterSitsu 2008-09-04
?GW's Electronic George Forman Shuffler (3.57) houseofcards 2008-09-08
?What is Command & Conquer! (3.54) Talonfire 2008-09-24
?got.ytmnd.com (4.03) MatrixBuffalo 2008-10-19
?Lavos Knows How to Party (4.09) PurpleGreys 2008-10-28
?COLLECT CALL from Daltonofzeal2 (3.73) RevMike 2008-11-30
?So you touched her breast, huh? (3.88) KaneRobot 2008-12-18
?The Complete Guide To Being Gay On YTMND Sp... (3.88) DaveTheRave 2008-12-19
?James Hetfield falls off a cliff (4.00) houseofcards 2008-12-19
?Most Annoying Sound VIII (4.19) GeneralFod 2009-01-29
?Pizza Hut Inspired James Hetfield's Suicide (3.71) houseofcards 2009-02-16
?THESE ARE MY GRAPE NUTS (4.33) nadz 2009-04-03
?James Hetfield goes to Casa Bonita (4.19) houseofcards 2009-04-11
?Half-Downloaded Deacon Works It (Improved) (3.91) houseofcards 2009-05-29
?The Longest Ever Run - on Sentence formed from... (3.89) DarthWang 2010-02-23
?TOGETHER WE BURN (3.91) Inbox 2010-02-26
?Jean-Luc takes Tetris too seriously (4.55) Harbltron 2010-05-09
?breakfastball (3.72) zomglolwtfzor 2011-03-05
?8/62: flAAAAAAAsh mAAAAAAAn (4.22) AegisReflector 2011-03-25
?There's A Destination A Little Up The Road...... (4.04) YourTheCoconutMan 2011-03-25
?Chopper Command Returns (3.33) TehReturnofChopperCo 2011-08-15
?kjglhkgjkhljglkhjlkgjhlkg (3.81) gamekid 2011-09-02
?chris could be anus! (2.48) magnetic 2011-09-02
?the sound horses make when tornados are around (3.92) barf 2011-10-10
?Barack Obama watches Hentai (3.86) gamekid 2011-10-14
?GoldKHANeye - Bunker (4.22) AegisReflector 2011-10-16
?Most Annoying Sound X (3.56) woman 2012-02-13
?guy who milks cows grabs the wrong bucket and a... (4.20) mattdh12 2012-06-03
?Meatball Sub... With Sprite! (4.34) Chav-Slayer 2012-06-03
?we all live in a yAAAHllowOLOLO submarine yello... (3.76) gamekid 2012-06-03
?Moon Man irritates subway passengers in Toronto (3.23) moonmanfan 2012-06-04
?Prometheus (4.19) dbgtrgr 2012-06-10
?The Sumpsoles (4.02) Kacen 2012-06-27
?Jesusaur in the Arctic. (3.17) Kassius 2012-07-31
?Masters of NEDM (3.80) NESer 2012-08-09
?unreleased whitney houston duet (4.55) fourest 2012-08-29
?Gypsies Infiltrate Nintendo Dev Team Test Site (4.17) Father-McKenzie 2012-09-01
?ART THOU BORED? (4.69) Necronomicon 2012-09-03
?ROBOTSIN (3.89) ACTIONLORD 2012-10-22
?Mattel Electronics presents B-17 BOMBER (4.53) discoron77 2012-11-28
?Insurance fraud bust (4.71) greenbanana 2013-02-03
?R.I.P. Elmo (4.09) Primatron 2013-02-25
?Kevin McClassics - Morning Marv (4.01) fourest 2013-03-04
?Rob Ford smokes the Mayor! (3.59) houseofcards 2013-05-28
?NARC (4.06) LiterBeater 2013-09-03
?graphic site (3.70) Krangar18 2013-09-08
?Darth Mcfly the Stapler Guy (4.00) DarthWang 2013-10-08
?Opposing Force Rap (3.15) Adverb 2014-11-27
?Most Annoying Sound IX (4.23) GeneralFod 2015-02-27
?Snoop Dogg's Dreamland (full song) (4.66) barf 2015-03-06
?WHORE NETS™ (4.09) mleep 2015-03-16
?Eric Rents A Disc From Blockbuster (4.56) Ca-l-gr 2015-03-16
?(nsfw) Battletoads (feat. Nate Dogg) (3.50) cerealism 2015-03-22