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?Sex Ed Videos All Mean The Same Thing... (4.17) Shanesan 2006-07-10
LunarHiro2002 2006-07-10
?Upvoters vs. Downvoters (2.89) DrJizzle 2006-07-12
?Having A Bad Day? v2 (Better) (4.29) Blue525 2006-07-16
omg favorite
LunarHiro2002 2006-07-16
?Incredible Exploits of Nothing (2.81) Peterguy 2006-08-02
Doh! I 1'd this without watching the whole thing...I didn't catch the sarcasm in the begining so I 1'd it..But...I like this so...Fav'd
LunarHiro2002 2006-08-02
?(nsfw) Story time! =D (1.91) Peterguy 2006-08-02
LunarHiro2002 2006-08-02
?Jim Gillette Voice Training (3.55) leddrokkenstud 2006-08-14
wow...i'm speechless
LunarHiro2002 2006-08-14
?Optimus Prime - Bravest of the Autobots (4.23) SA-Dodgeball 2006-09-01
LunarHiro2002 2006-09-01
?Christian Martyrdom (2.49) whetstone 2006-09-06
Amen, too few in America know the persecution the world brings on The Church. has great information on the persecution of Christians world wide. It's not a laughing matter, its a sign of the times.
LunarHiro2002 2006-09-06
?Why God Exists (Updated with Q and A at the end) (2.95) whetstone 2006-09-07
LunarHiro2002 2006-09-07
?Idiot teacher... curse you, metric system!! (3.66) Tsaalyo 2006-09-21
oh my god
LunarHiro2002 2006-09-21
?(nsfw) The Original How To Prank a Telemarketer (3.38) Sphonix 2006-10-21