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August 6th, 2006
5'd. Excellent ytmnd. Different. You can/should update the strips tho. You can get them at in color. There's a strip vault in which you can save the strips(with firefox). Helluva job tho.
August 2nd, 2006
"Jesus spent all His time with sinners" That's why I think he rules. He had a hooker friend. He turned water into wine. No wonder he had sinner friends. Jesus is my favorite fictional character.
August 2nd, 2006
I'm not atheistic or anything, but I do find it funny that someone who is, in all rights and purposes, religous not only visiting several times, but creating at least one site. As a holy person, you're supposed to AVOID anything that is not of your god. This makes you a poor Christian(from my guess). If I wanted to be bombarded with propaganda, I'd go to a church. Not ytmnd. With that said, I give you a 3 for creativity and stones.
July 31st, 2006
f*ckin' AWESOME
March 16th, 2006
This indeed really did happen a season or two ago. Biggest loss in the history of NYY. And being a Tribe fan, I loved it.