Salmonax's recent comments:

June 25th, 2007
That explains everything!
June 20th, 2007
This remains the best YTMND ever created.
June 7th, 2007
On on the site ?feeding the swans
I love sites that are completely unexpected in every way.
June 7th, 2007
It was nice of him to speak into the microphone for you.
June 7th, 2007
On on the site ?Myst for NES
Yep, strip away the pretty graphics and you're left with a terrible game.
June 2nd, 2007
Would be more clever if they hadn't made an actual commercial with this exact idea.
April 8th, 2007
This is perfect. Dane Cook is comedy for dummies.
March 25th, 2007
Literally the best YTMND of all time.
March 13th, 2007
Really the best ever.
March 10th, 2007
On on the site ?300TMND: NES style
So good.
March 2nd, 2007
Wow, how'd you do the music? It sounds just like the original stuff. Automatically 5'd out of respect for LeChuck.
February 20th, 2007
Excellent on so many levels.
February 1st, 2007
Brilliant. And the song is hilarious since it made no sense in the first place.
January 9th, 2007
Phoenix Wright + Phil Hartman = instant winner
November 17th, 2006
"It's technical."
September 14th, 2006
Great job, but it'll never make it on to the show. They couldn't use the song without paying major bucks and Apple wouldn't allow it even if they killed the sound.
July 21st, 2006
I bet that guy could do a mean Joe Pesci if he worked at it.
July 16th, 2006
Funny, original, simple, not a fad. YTMNDs like this are hard to come by these days.
July 13th, 2006
Best ytmnd I've seen in a loooong time.
May 5th, 2006
Save Ferris.
May 4th, 2006
On on the site ?Vader Oddity
May be my favorite YTMND ever.
May 1st, 2006
How can anyone claim that song isn't emo? Denial is a powerful thing.
April 28th, 2006
I actually laughed out loud the second time I watched it.
January 23rd, 2006
A third grade reading level would have helped this one out.
January 3rd, 2006
January 3rd, 2006
It's pronounced "JIF." The audio is correct. Great song!
December 21st, 2005
No Dr. Skipper or Dr. Bold?
December 11th, 2005
Way too long for no real payoff.