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?Dubya Song (4.57) furrykef 2006-06-27
Captain George W. Bush, of the U.S.S. Internets
WonderWall 2006-06-27
?Picard Song (4.56) ShittyMcShit 2006-06-27
Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the U.S.S. Enterprise
WonderWall 2006-06-27
?Loving it Bald! (4.19) pocketfudge 2006-07-02
Look for the turkey.
WonderWall 2006-07-02
?YTMND Truth - Max is Homer Simpson (4.22) xl126 2006-07-02
"You'd think all the noises would be annoying, but they're not."
WonderWall 2006-07-02
?Tighten up the grafix?? (4.55) NeoMatrixClt 2006-07-03
You too can tighten up graphics, if you have fabulous hair.
WonderWall 2006-07-03
?We’re artists now. (4.60) dedcat 2006-08-02
YTMND. Serious artistic business.
WonderWall 2006-08-02
?The Belairian Hummingbird (4.69) NorthAmericanDangerD 2007-04-12