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January 23rd, 2012
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November 20th, 2016
On on the site ?NEDM Whatta Burger
Lol!!!!! Perfect site to walk back into the realms of ytmnd

Not that I'm sticking around though but I just needed to see this site one more time

I hope I never return
On on the site ?Jon Arbuckle Dance
I bet he sure knows how to raise some roofs, a pilllllllllleater
i have no alts

LOL you are hilarious dude. What does a screenshot of my my ytmnd activity not only not prove, but not even possibly allude to?

all this says is that I viewed max's, gs's, and umfuld's profile. how does this indicate that I use alts?

[b]BUT, the bigger question is, what is your issue with me, personally?[/b]

i've been nothing but nice to everybody. I'm a nice person IRL, accepting of everyone for who they are, as long as they're respectful or at least not an asshole.

If you are suzanne, the only person i can think of who could have a resentment against me, all I have to say is, dude, I asked very nicely time after time, in pms and on site comments, to reduce your spamming on this website and was even there for you, despite how annoyed i was with you, to warn you that if you don't stop spamming, other users might take measures to get you to stop, outside of this website, based on what i heard back then.

if this is someone else, I'm sorry for whatever it is (e.g. voting 1 minus 1'ing comments). You and this Chinatown user seem to be on some vendetta to "expose" me. I've been holding back from saying anything b/c i've been waiting to see what you're/his intentions were but now that i see that the intention is to "out" me, will you at least PM me on here about what's going on please?
dude make a full version of this song, please!