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Ol lolo, steak hows!
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Little Darthwang! Who hopes you'll continue making lazytown sites in the year 2020
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Wow that's pretty good...
i knew how to do animated gifs i'd do a nedm version
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MLG 420 blaze it
No don't leave ytmnd loves you and Rocky! Rocky is so awesome!
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He's also admitting he likes to dance in an l shape aka drancing
Btvagrant girlform! I'm happy to see you lol because I know you must be depressed that santabot isn't here no moar
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I really hope I can fall amleep tonight
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I would be an up voter if I gave this one moar star

Sorry this site sucks
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Needs 25% moar nedm (2006 comment)
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Sometimes sites that have a misleading title can be good but this isn't one of them.
Show me your sorry by limiting your comments on comment pages

Hopefully you will

Thank yiu
Make Rocky the mod!
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Yeah kinda
I don't think that's santabot
He already has
eechu here
i can't wait till g/s logs on.
Hopefully he'll tear you a new asshole because it gets really exhausting putting your annoying, self, ass pie bitch ass in place.


THanks a lot, asshole! for ruining this site which was already was underground already.

You have any idea how awesome it would be if you left? how awesome it would be to not see 5 out of 6 comments of your autistic ass bullshit on every comment page?

You know what you'll never answer me on because you're too retarded to do so - what confirmation do you have that other users enjoy your wretchedness behavior?
Darthwang, are you a suzanne "activist"?
oh you're so edgy

way to impress your sister's 5 year old nephew you fucking retard
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That's from the dictator UMMMFOOOOOOLLLLDDDDDFDD
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Come on do better I know you can - usually we're so lucky there's a fameri gai!
Stop replying to my comments, please
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ZOMG you're back

Go to sleep, ho!