beatingadeadhorseoff's recent comments:

On on the site ?Har Har
Some some good sheeeiiit
Domino darthwang, who told me to voat fieeeeeeeeeeeive
2006 Users like you are true gold to why tee emmmm....ennnn deeee

Please stick around and don't leave us
I wonder if Dennis Beckham's cock is so big that he can suck his own darthwang!
Pedodog Eric! Pedodog Eric!! Pedodog, Pedodog, Pedodog Eric!!!
On on the site ?Internet is for.. PSA
I wonder if darthwang would five (or as he always says in his own voice fieeeeeeeivee) this site if he saw it
On on the site ?Pissed Off Old Men!
That was shitty wok
Zomg (not omg cuzz I'm uber 1337)

On on the site ?Round Corner Box
Should I try toooooooooooo cum, on the eyes as of kasssiiusssss
On on the site ?Krabby Christmas
Fucking awesome, Santabot!

Btw it seems suzanne has been deleted again thank God.....and m4x
I am a faggot, I love the idea of sucking off poor star Aubrey kate
On on the site ?500th
Pokemon Awwwww snap, Cha Cha, j00 know darthwang is gonna luv this sheeeeeeiiiittt

Fieeeeeeeive as he pronounces the number after 4

Oh by the way, you raised any roofs lately, a pilllllllleeeeeeater?
On on the site ?SHOE ON HEAD 2016
You know what sucks pay day ae, I live an awesome life but I still wish you'd forgive me. I'm fucking obsessed with you

I've thought of ways to make it up to you. Like what if I bought like 3 toy Edmund Fitzgeralds and shoved them all up my ass
No to the wizai
You're in your late 20s and still love spongebob characters

Get back in girlform or else society will judge you for it
On on the site ?April Fools... Jerk!
This site is autistic as fuck as it makes no sense

I wonder if squidward likes to raise the roof (a pilllllllleater)
Poor lady (feels)

thank you for that wonderful nostalgia

And featuring umfuld in it you rock
Big darthwang, who will be BE EEEEEPPPPIIIIIIICCCCCly pissed you're leaving

I liek darthwang liek mudkipz and don't mariwant him to be sad so please don't leave as he is a huge fan of your art/autwork
It's not like you made it up
I guess in this here case were kinda luethge theres a fameri gai
Awesome site, great b***job!

Make moar batcat/umfuld sites
What I want more than anything in life (lulz) is for you to forgive me for my ytmnd war crimes and be friends with me like we were in the golden days of 2006-2009

Please please please
I miss the days of aegisreflectorrrrrrrrrrr and gamekid
On on the site ?Mama
Anyways as darthwang likes to say, in his own voice, fieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeieeeeve