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Raise the roof a pilllllleater aHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH raise the roof (Darn, SOCKS!)

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pde gets wet over these shirts
On on the site ?Distracted Driving
wow your parents net nanny is definitely disabled
look at this bullshit. while everyone else gives this site a fair rating pedodog, as usual feels obligated to 5 his buddy's sites.
thank jesus i already had this on mute, cuz you know when i click on news stories and a vid starts, it's like "i wanna read it damnit not watch it"

didn't see this was a lax site or i prolly wouldn't even had watched it
hey bMDs i cant tell if im on there, i dont get why you didnt slow down the framerate by a few sexonds
ya i am pretty dumb good point g/s
On on the site ?ZELDA™
cum onto mah boi's beautiful face
just make sure you don't get anyhthing on your shirts like food from a pde sandwich
so amazing

i'd -1 for some stuff bein off. like pde isn't the most extroverted person with women.

but +1 for remembering he always liked (i mean like like) harry potter's friend that girl
mick earl grey is soooooooooo gay in the 4th definition at least

def of gay

#1 happy
2 homosexual
3 feminine-like (i.e metrosexual)
4 shitty (i.e. that's so ghey)
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your asshole, ma dick

i'm a fan
bout time you made a comment
On on the site ?Boring the Jedi
didnt watch because of slow speed but is this relative to BoredJedi?
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ARE YOU SERIOUS? you are an incredible ytmnder! don't do that
On on the site ?s'just P1ZZ4
wh04444,,,, wh04444 wh04444 w0004444 w0004444 w00044444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444
i am NOT attracted to miley to say the least

you maybe shoulda added poop but immiediate fieve and fau
On on the site ?s'just jokes
immediate 5 and fauv as i used to say on my old account
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is this for real?
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pedodog priority mail
as your friend on here, may I ask why you 1'd this?
lickitwellhiem, fameri-gai, and fourest quality! like always

you are awesome at this site
On on the site ?hey max,
inside jokes are against the terms pedodog
this site's rating is proof fucking positive ppl like lax and you vote for their friends no matter how shitty the ytmnd is and bashed the moon crew for circle jerking w/voats

hypocrisy at its finest
February 27th, 2014
ggggggoooooooooooooo johnnae lurg! lurg! 5 for teh username alone
February 26th, 2014
pedodog eric pedodog eric. pedodog, pedodog, pedodog eric