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Fieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeieeeeve as you love to say

I love your voice please make moar microphonetmnds
this rly takes me back....

There you get your FIEEEEEEEEEEEIIIEEEEEEVEEEE as you lvoe to say
November 20th, 2016
On on the site ?NEDM Whatta Burger
Lol!!!!! Perfect site to walk back into the realms of ytmnd

Not that I'm sticking around though but I just needed to see this site one more time

I hope I never return
On on the site ?Jon Arbuckle Dance
I bet he sure knows how to raise some roofs, a pilllllllllleater
i have no alts

LOL you are hilarious dude. What does a screenshot of my my ytmnd activity not only not prove, but not even possibly allude to?

all this says is that I viewed max's, gs's, and umfuld's profile. how does this indicate that I use alts?

[b]BUT, the bigger question is, what is your issue with me, personally?[/b]

i've been nothing but nice to everybody. I'm a nice person IRL, accepting of everyone for who they are, as long as they're respectful or at least not an asshole.

If you are suzanne, the only person i can think of who could have a resentment against me, all I have to say is, dude, I asked very nicely time after time, in pms and on site comments, to reduce your spamming on this website and was even there for you, despite how annoyed i was with you, to warn you that if you don't stop spamming, other users might take measures to get you to stop, outside of this website, based on what i heard back then.

if this is someone else, I'm sorry for whatever it is (e.g. voting 1 minus 1'ing comments). You and this Chinatown user seem to be on some vendetta to "expose" me. I've been holding back from saying anything b/c i've been waiting to see what you're/his intentions were but now that i see that the intention is to "out" me, will you at least PM me on here about what's going on please?
dude make a full version of this song, please!
September 5th, 2016
Locke5? if thays you what are youtalking about umfuld hasbeen gone for awhile
September 4th, 2016
Ooooooooohhhh, father!

That's what your would be daughter/son would say
September 4th, 2016
Luethge there's. A fameri gai
Awesome fucking site yo
On on the site ?Watermelon so good!!!!
Graphics: Tightened
5'd and Fauved for NEDM
On on the site ?Rainbow Road fun!
So who's this random baby?

+3 for effort but no more as this "humor" makes no sense

Atleast put NEDM in it or something I don't know
On on the site ?Funny Zelda CD-I Joke™
Fake and gay
Look at all those roof raisers, a pillllllllleater
On on the site ?gendark01 Boss Fight
Gendark is that you puhsonally?
On on the site ?Caramel FAGGOT!!!!!!!
Coulda swore this Wooda been a twix remx
No it's raise the roof mode, a pilllleater

I still haven't forgotten about how much you apparently love spam since you have still refused to disclose the name of the song/artist from Hype Nigga
This guy is Clinton, no?
On on the site ?
Nice quality
That song is asscockredux's themesomg
3, will +2 if you slow the slides down
Reply to ReiHino's comment on the site ?
GTFO Clinton I'm gonna tell people to call your sister and tell her that you asked us this time to sexually harass her (which we may do)
I'm an 06 er but anyways I hope this is some jkoe or something
No offense cactus jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack ooooooooooooooofffff but I couldn't even laugh out quiet this time

+1 for being a LCSW in the state of Arkansas, making a positive difference in the world.
Fucking awesome
Probably but if you look at his username page it says he was last online not that that long ago, compared to when it said he stopped his site activity. So maybe he can login but can't comment or make ytmnds