beatingadeadhorseoff's recent comments:

On on the site ?My Two Khans
That's teh funnae
I bet you were L Dancing/drancing when you drew that. That takes talent
On on the site ?NEDM Goes West
Dude at least interrupt the audio and hav teh NEDM song playing
I lvoe microphonetmnds
i here you're a social worker. Great job at not being a life failure like me

Cactus jaaaaaaaack ooooooooooffff
On on the site ?PokemoNEDM
Zomg its brandon oh oh one five one

Also cocks but also five and fauv for en ee Dee em
On on the site ?NEDM Car Breakdown
Dude we should totally have an NEDM 10 year anniversary
This whole site has once again been ruined by your spam

Clinton as annoying as I think you are id hate for your sister to receive harrassing calls (since several users know her number)
On on the site ?8 YEARS ON YTMND!
On on the site ?NEDM Goes West
Needs 97% MOAR NEDM
Thankj00z0r for taking back to the days of teh dr l337 version of this.

This one was good too

I'd totally suck your darthwang if I was a grill for the sites quality
When's the new peeeeeeeeeeeechu here coming out?

Also you know why you liek yellow? Cause you're a sissy perrrrrrrrrrrrrson
That's sucked

Not luethge there's a fameri gai
Cause you're a sissy perrrrrrrrrson
On on the site ?YTMND on Hold
Thank you for taking us back to 2006teeemendee

Also ummmmmmfooooooooold is in it lol!
On on the site ?McLOL's New License
En bee, en bee (not bad, not bad)
i loqd

(laughed out quiet)

i was gonna voat Four, but then i saw yourf message reminder to voat fieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeive
en bee en bee

(not bad, not bad
peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeechu here
On on the site ?Har Har
Some some good sheeeiiit
Domino darthwang, who told me to voat fieeeeeeeeeeeive
2006 Users like you are true gold to why tee emmmm....ennnn deeee

Please stick around and don't leave us
I wonder if Dennis Beckham's cock is so big that he can suck his own darthwang!
Pedodog Eric! Pedodog Eric!! Pedodog, Pedodog, Pedodog Eric!!!
On on the site ?Internet is for.. PSA
I wonder if darthwang would five (or as he always says in his own voice fieeeeeeeivee) this site if he saw it
On on the site ?Pissed Off Old Men!
That was shitty wok