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?Ronald takes a chill-pill... (4.19) LifeInGreen 2006-05-15
lol, internet-fad. Good song!
mast 2006-05-15
Interesting spin on the fad (my favorite fad). Good song!
mast 2006-05-25
?lol, executor (synced) (4.36) Albert-Fish 2006-05-15
lol internet - starwars wtf? :)
mast 2006-05-15
Good spin on the fad.
mast 2006-05-25
Good spin on the fad, and is a good example that shows the extreme diversity of it.
mast 2006-09-16
?Drop it Like It's Cosby (3.99) digicanmon 2006-05-17
Cosby - Pokemon! Fun edit.
mast 2006-05-17
One of my absolute favorite Cosby ytmnds. This one is absolutely hilarious.
mast 2006-05-25
?Cosby-Mania Classic (4.35) Kassius 2006-05-17
Funny take on Take on Me
mast 2006-05-17
Kassius is extremely good at producing these, though with varied quality. IMHO because he's been churning out too many, I've kind of lost interest. This one is his best though.
mast 2006-05-25
?Arnold enjoys YTMND (4.36) DiscoRage 2006-05-19
So funny!
mast 2006-05-19
I'm a HUGE Terminator-fan. This is a really, really funny YTMND.
mast 2006-05-25
?Chernobyl 20 Years(fixed speed) (4.17) Abel2 2006-05-25
I generally approve of carefully crafted non-humoristic ytmnds who go against the mainstream of those who just try to garner a cheap laugh. This is a good example of one.
mast 2006-05-25
?Poketrainer Bond (4.55) CDawg82191 2006-07-29
Genious way to make a scene from Golden Eye really funny.
mast 2006-07-29
I love fads where regular playing cards are replaced with Pokemon cards.
mast 2006-09-16
?Star Wars: Cosby Strikes Back - UPDATED PIC ... (4.56) LocutusOfBorg 2006-07-29
Extreme dedication.
mast 2006-07-29
Extreme dedication. Absolutely excellent work.
mast 2006-09-16
?Darth Vader is Mufasa (4.60) hamsterpicnic 2006-08-05
Clever way of spinning a scene in to something funny by combining two clips.
mast 2006-08-05
?Picard encounters cake! (4.12) theguy88 2006-08-05
So funny...especially Picards expression at the end.
mast 2006-08-05
?Dr. Dre Ft. Cosby (4.68) studged 2006-08-05
mast 2006-08-05
Probably one of the catchiest verses I've ever heard. Absolutely awesome slicing and dicing here.
mast 2006-09-16
?Blaze of Cosby (4.21) SirLemming 2006-08-07
Awesome mix!
mast 2006-08-07
?Original enotrip (4.00) Mightfox 2006-08-24
mast 2006-08-24
?Picard lol'd (4.26) Knasterband 2006-08-24
I laughed out loud when I saw this.
mast 2006-09-16
?cyberman calls the cops (4.55) MasterSitsu 2006-09-04
MasterSitsu is a genius. This is an edited clip from one of my favorite Simpson episodes.
mast 2006-09-16
?Star Trek: First Contact Starring Willy Wonka (4.35) jnorris441 2006-09-20
Excellent way to merge two scenes together for comedic effect.
mast 2006-09-20
?Why Quantum Physics is Cool Pt 1 (Updated with ... (4.51) Texaggie79 2006-09-21
Informative YTMNDs rock.
mast 2006-09-21
?ARTMND (4.00) donk0rle0ne 2006-09-23
We're artists!
mast 2006-09-23
?The Price is Kaz (4.61) kingstefan 2006-09-24
Two YTMNDs in one: first is an edited Simpson clip which is absolutely humorous! The second part is Kaz hosting the Price is Right - which his excellently edited! Absolutely awesome work.
mast 2006-09-24
?*~A Tiny Glimpse~* (4.66) smoothmedia 2006-09-25
I crapped my pants.
mast 2007-02-16
?Swedish Donald Duck Terrorism (4.12) mystash1 2006-10-05
?Snoop Dogg feat. Presto the Wizard (4.41) fettoki 2006-10-05
This one is funny.
mast 2006-10-05
?The Future of our World (4.70) fwywarrior 2006-10-19
I crapped my pants.
mast 2007-02-16
?(nsfw) John Hammond is not amused (4.36) ohneat 2006-11-05
I agree with John Hammond!
mast 2007-02-16
?Superman Hates Jesus (4.00) sniperlord 2006-11-07
I love this one just because it takes something completely out of context.
mast 2007-02-16
?Sometimes Fear is Justified (4.62) benjaphar 2006-12-14
It's the Thriller horn stabs which makes this YTMND as funny as it is.
mast 2006-12-14
?(nsfw) I am a mermaid (4.01) elladanorelrohir 2007-01-08
What the Fuck is That?-theme
mast 2007-01-08
?That's the Power of Doc (4.60) AskAak 2007-03-24
Extremely fun YTMND. Excellently made on pretty much all levels.
mast 2007-03-24
?Arnold's got hoes (4.65) Necronomicon 2007-03-29
He fucks hoes in different area codes.
mast 2007-03-29
?Hermione Granger in IM - Oh, my GOD!! (4.14) LocutusOfBorg 2007-04-26
?John Hammond is seriously depressed (4.40) cooke 2007-05-05
?ROLL OUT! (4.27) Peepsalot 2007-05-14
mast 2007-05-14
?Luke, we're gonna have company! (4.66) briglass 2007-05-14
?Jeff Goldblum is fascinated (4.59) AndySavage 2007-08-23
The additions of his grunts in the interview, the voice pitching and the vocals addition to the music at the end makes this hilarious.
mast 2007-08-23
?Life on Mars pt.3 (4.22) Click 2007-08-28
Lovely artistic.
mast 2007-08-28
?Street Fighter DeanokenAnoregon Hyper Fighterz (4.36) Blasterdude 2007-12-11
?(nsfw) Walter teaches Sex Ed. (4.68) DarkTree 2008-02-08
?A Flock of Kangs (4.64) BoobonChron 2008-04-24
?Van Damme Gets Fragged (4.66) drew00c 2008-07-17
?Oh, grow up 007! (4.70) Phernoree 2008-08-23
?Lin Kuei Clan Ain't Nuthin' to MFWTF (4.59) Mohrdikai 2008-09-09
?(nsfw) Picard gettin' crunk with Lil' Joh... (4.00) tkNukem 2009-07-24
?The Riker Lean (4.64) fearcondom 2009-09-10
?Back to Let You Finish : MLK (4.73) syncan 2009-09-23
?KOENTMND: GooseLab (4.36) DaveTheRave 2009-10-01
?Clay Aiken: The Untold Story (4.63) syncan 2009-10-07
?PACARD THROWS AN EPIC PARTY ON THE ... (4.60) fourest 2009-10-24
?The Size Of Our World - Special Edition (4.58) surfanddestroy 2009-12-10
?Happy holidays from Ricky Caldwell (4.16) Gravijar 2010-01-25
?They've Adapted (4.67) Necronomicon 2010-03-13
?Vader goes to a nightclub (4.52) blommer 2010-03-16
?Final Staring Contest (For The Fate Of The Internet... (4.58) Cosmopanda 2010-11-14
?Jean-Luc Picard is French (refresh) (4.16) ottervomit 2013-01-20