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November 30th, 2006
On on the site ?Eddie wants.
unsurpassed musical talent, based on a true story
September 24th, 2006
my scrolling button hurts, and my no top 5 on the front page button hurts too
September 23rd, 2006
On on the site ?Conan stops downvoter
old fad in top 5, seems kinda out of place, lawl 5'd
September 21st, 2006
September 21st, 2006
/i call haxors\
September 21st, 2006
saying that the first cause is beyond space time and matter does not fit with your causual and calmly presented logic because that is an assumption, anyways its not 1'd for content cuz i like that you presented it calmly and attempted logic, it's 1'd because in the description you said to evaluate it based on the YTMND merits and quality and as a YTMND site it belongs in the fail basket
September 17th, 2006
theres more to it than the companies making money off of it, i'm not much for public service announcements, but i wont 1 star it so that whoever hasnt heard the message can hear it from this (too serious for ytmnd)"where's the funny"
September 17th, 2006
On on the site ?
september 15 = there was a typo, can't upvote a typo, also (dont make us read, if its not all spelled right)
September 12th, 2006
wow...that was awesome
August 19th, 2006
3'd for mislabeling the title, its orly ct
August 2nd, 2006
for the lesser people out there, i mean punchline as in joke, the site pretty much sucks, but at least he sponsored it, keeps ytmnd up and going
August 2nd, 2006
not 1'd for the god stuff, but 1'd because of *natural selection* being left out of the picture, u didnt put that the fish married other fish with slightly bigger wings through the generations until it became a bird, rofl -no point made, boring site, had to wait too long for the *punchline*-
July 20th, 2006
the butterflies on the spaceship discovery is what i 5'd it for, also shirley, lol, http://allyoursnakes.ytmnd.com/
July 20th, 2006
lol i saw that on the comcast homepage http://allyoursnakes.ytmnd.com/
July 20th, 2006
wow i saw that linked to the snakes on a plane website, http://allyoursnakes.ytmnd.com/
July 19th, 2006
On on the site ?SNAKES ON A PLANE
5'd for originality!, also for snakes on a plane, http://allyoursnakes.ytmnd.com/
July 19th, 2006
lol squiggly bullets, that was hilarious (i dont know if thats what you were going for, but it is)
July 19th, 2006
yea, but its not for the contest
July 19th, 2006
well its epic, unlike most of the other epic manuevers
July 19th, 2006
On on the site ?AIDS AIDS AIDS
lol aids, http://uhaveaids.ytmnd.com/
July 19th, 2006
lol aids, http://uhaveaids.ytmnd.com/
July 19th, 2006
haha thats awesome, i watched it about 5 times in a row
July 16th, 2006
i find this fad boring, but totally 5'd for maddox banner
July 12th, 2006
actually its 1 am EST (u put 12 am est in the description, u must have never actually paid attention to see that it changes at 1 EST) also, the idea's been done, and with the same movie too
June 30th, 2006
sync is off, they might be giants are a great band, pyramid head was pretty sweet, 5'd
June 29th, 2006
how about the 007 goldeneye theme, that would be a cool background song
June 28th, 2006
i was going to 4 it at first, but the "for great justice" at the end made me smile
June 27th, 2006
On on the site ?Brian Beck
where it is lacking in cinema-like quality, it makes up for with soothing audio and off the wall seizure effects, all to the power of brian beck's relish, auto 5
June 26th, 2006
wow, that's good
June 22nd, 2006
public service announcements on ytmnd is a no, but i'll 5 it because it needs to stay up because of the message