Worthwhile YTMNDs

site title creator score
?Where is your god now!?!?!? CupOfJoe118 (3.75) 
?Lee Van Cleef IS Master Ninja hbirdman (3.87) 
?(nsfw) Mai Raves Kano523 (3.77) 
?BRB Burger squark2 (3.71) 
?How to Download Songs from YTMND Beatyouonce (3.73) 
?Christopher Walken builds robots ykl (3.95) 
?A center for ants?!?!?! jrd6883 (3.90) 
?NINJA HALFTIME NickAlexSnutch (3.81) 
?Tra La Murloc Fantomas (3.92) 
?untitled o0spam0o (3.71) 
?Bitch I'm Rich ylime (3.86) 
?Dr. Brian Peppers and Mini-P.! w0ndersm1th (3.76) 
?Mr. Fibuli! (Updated - Doctor Who) DoctorWho (3.88) 
?(nsfw) Hot Korean Girl 2(no lie) MrOwl (3.86) 
?i want your sole danzart (4.10) 
?Orly was last saw in a plane p-C (3.85) 
?Obi-Wan doesn't like incest TonyOrlando (3.94) 
?Maple Story Emo asddf (3.93) 
?Ben + Gay Fuel = Chinoman (3.80) 
?Colonel Potter Song sabremau (4.01) 
?freddy sees a whale Whodatyousaid (3.94) 
?Hey whats that in the water? OMG ITS CONAN timrocks2 (3.71) 
?(nsfw) Nigga stole my afternoon delight cutter (4.08) 
?Eat my sandwich yagoogaly (4.00) 
?Kerrong speaks out hhallahh (3.83) 
?Danzig LOVES Earthbound richardkarn (3.73) 
?MC Hammer was here. MythKnight (3.96) 
?Mululslims **NOW WITH SOUND** Freeze-NL (3.90) 
?Luigi's Safety is Not Guaranteed GooperBlooper (4.02) 
?Furry iPod? (updated) drax (3.84) 
?Superman Hates Jesus sniperlord (4.00) 
?Kill you quick freekowt (3.89) 
?She married him?! alphabets (3.88) 
?You're invited to a slumber party!!! steele (4.50) 
?Colin Farrell might be gay..... mr-blonde (3.81) 
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