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?KHAN's the man, going to work. (3.54) alright 2006-05-12
Rocks my Socks
DarthWang 2006-05-12
?Freakazoid is the man now, dog! (3.87) Jett 2006-05-15
DarthWang 2006-05-15
?Strong Bad Crits Your Site (3.53) Dasyati 2006-05-19
This is great! Your best one.
DarthWang 2006-05-19
?(nsfw) Ain't nuttin gunnoa break Khan'... (4.17) AegisReflector 2006-05-27
DarthWang 2006-05-27
?Stapler Time (3.67) Omega1 2006-05-28
Stapler time!
DarthWang 2006-05-28
?Stan Sells EVERYTHING To Guybrush (Monkey Is... (4.56) Torico 2006-06-01
Good music
DarthWang 2006-06-01
?Sing along with Rip Slyme! (Refresh) (4.22) ChaosTheFox 2006-06-04
Even though I already did this you had good mondegreens
DarthWang 2006-06-04
?Trikhan (3.80) AegisReflector 2006-06-05
DarthWang 2006-06-05
?The Ultimate Bedside Surprise (REFRESH) (3.53) Santabot 2006-06-17
DarthWang 2006-06-17
?You FORGOT POLAND now dog! VOTE the 5 for... (4.05) Lethe 2006-07-14
DarthWang 2006-07-14
?The Weird Khan Show! (3.70) Detonator 2006-07-16
DarthWang 2006-07-16
?YTMND War Plans (4.44) Cataclaw 2006-07-27
Fav'd for Poland
DarthWang 2006-07-27
?Khan wins the Stanley Cup (4.05) AegisReflector 2006-08-22
More Khan music
DarthWang 2006-08-22
?Bush George Avoids Kohn Jerry (3.60) GIVEMEREPLAY 2006-08-27
DarthWang 2006-08-27
?Daft Poland presents Polend Rock from their Vote ... (4.10) AegisReflector 2006-09-12
DarthWang 2006-09-12
?IP Relay Razor Gator (4.07) Grog 2006-09-12
This is just too funny
DarthWang 2006-09-12
?TIME SPACE SOUL MIND REALITY POWER (3.27) MasterGrazzt 2006-09-14
DarthWang 2006-09-14
?Macgyver saves Macgyver (4.00) AegisReflector 2006-09-26
LOL this cracks me up every time
DarthWang 2006-09-26
?It wasn't a Ridge...(extended song added) (3.94) wonchopmonkeyman 2006-11-24
Riiiidggee Raacceerrr!
DarthWang 2006-11-24
?(nsfw) KHANTMND: Khan Football Season Begins... (4.13) renegade64 2006-11-28
This one just makes me nearly choke to death in laughter every time
DarthWang 2006-11-28
?Enemy Crabs Continue to Plague Asia (4.37) ottervomit 2006-12-31
Real-time weapon change
DarthWang 2006-12-31
?Omg, Secret Poland Mario Paint! vote 5 (2.71) Amenhotep2 2007-01-16
I just love the music in this one
DarthWang 2007-01-16
?Samurai Bush (3.97) cooke 2007-01-20
DarthWang 2007-01-20
?P1ZZ4GUY 1N TH3 FUTUR3 (4.08) renegade64 2007-02-26
It's just so catchy
DarthWang 2007-02-26
?OMG! Leeroy jenkins in fox trot! (4.04) spacemanc0 2007-02-28
Favd for the awesome music
DarthWang 2007-02-28
?cosby bebop redux (3.95) Kassius 2007-03-06
Pure Awesomium
DarthWang 2007-03-06
?zazazawarudo (3.84) RubilacEx 2007-03-09
DarthWang 2007-03-09
?What is Snoop Nye the Slam Guy?! (4.35) barf 2007-04-08
FAV on first view. You have earned a rare distinction from me.
DarthWang 2007-04-08
?I'm the #1 halo1gamer fanboi (1.70) momthinksimcool 2007-05-17
Made me do a literal spit take
DarthWang 2007-05-17
?Vader's Band Vadref(n)orce plays Through ... (4.12) AegisReflector 2007-06-01
Have to fav for the best remix I have ever heard bar none
DarthWang 2007-06-01
?Brave Leader of Poland! (4.18) cooke 2007-06-03
One of the best Poland sites ever
DarthWang 2007-06-03
?MUCKFRY: Ballad of the Chickenneedle (4.02) Kayne 2007-06-18
great remix
DarthWang 2007-06-18
?KHANTMND: Year of the KHAN (3.89) AegisReflector 2007-06-25
I haven't fav'd this yet?
DarthWang 2007-06-25
?DarthWang maroons Maplejet (3.74) Pinerocket 2007-06-26
DarthWang 2007-06-26
?Donnell passes Whoardan from Pizza Hero on Ex... (4.33) AegisReflector 2007-07-14
DarthWang 2007-07-14
?Vader's NEW Band (SOOOOOONata Vadri... (3.97) AegisReflector 2007-08-06
Another great remix by AegisreflectOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOr
DarthWang 2007-08-06
?YTKND SOUNDTRAP VOL.3 (OMFG) (3.91) Kassius 2007-09-01
DarthWang 2007-09-01
?The battle between Lex and Wonka is ended (3.98) LaidToRest 2007-09-11
Just awesome
DarthWang 2007-09-11
?(nsfw) Bologna History X (3.98) altair808 2007-10-27
I HATE BALOGNA!!!!!!!!!!
DarthWang 2007-10-27
?Maplejet is saved by (4.25) Pinerocket 2007-11-11
Best YTMND ever? Critics say yes.
DarthWang 2007-11-11
?(nsfw) JON CARRY BRUSHIN HIS GRAND COE... (3.71) shoover 2008-01-02
Always makes me laugh
DarthWang 2008-01-08
?LOL PLACEHOLDER (4.24) AegisReflector 2008-01-08
DarthWang 2008-01-08
?WoW: Chant of Reality (fun times mix) (4.22) keatonkeaton999 2008-03-12
I don't know why so many people hate this site, this is one of the best remixes I've ever heard (LOL IT SHOULD REALLY BE "ONE OF THE BETTER REMIXES" BUT NO ONE EVER USES THAT GRAMMAR RULE ANYWAY)
DarthWang 2008-03-12
?Specially Pakd™ Featuring The Pressure&tra... (3.93) EmoKiller 2008-04-06
Random absurdity at its absolute best
DarthWang 2008-04-06
?Conan...SUMMONS A FIRE SPIRIT (4.01) Kupoppo 2008-04-28
I think this was the first YTMND I ever saw
DarthWang 2008-04-28
?Ben "Angel" Stiller and Owen "Spi... (3.73) Lcadwallader 2008-05-05
As soon as I saw John Frusciante I started cracking up
DarthWang 2008-05-05
?goldKHANeye - Cradle (4.00) renegade64 2008-05-31
Fucking Win
DarthWang 2008-05-31
?Picnose song LOLOLOLOLOLO (3.69) Amenhotep2 2008-07-07
DarthWang 2008-07-07
?lmao khan is emo (1.92) Adverb 2008-09-29
Personally I think this site epitomizes the satirical YTMND
DarthWang 2008-09-29
?Female Cosby and Reggie Narrowly Escape Rock... (3.18) dunsparce 2008-10-24
Something about this is just inherently hilarious
DarthWang 2008-11-13
?(nsfw) TWOPARTETMND: eddie "bombcas... (3.66) Lcadwallader 2009-02-05
Don't cut your dick off with a chainsaw!
DarthWang 2009-02-05
?Call Of Cthulhu: The Musical! (3.61) mrtuesday 2009-03-08
I just keep coming back to this one
DarthWang 2009-03-08
?Happy Birthday PCF (4.02) keatonkeaton999 2009-03-27
This song kicks ass
DarthWang 2009-03-27
?The Rawli Donniels Band - Spider-Man Went Down... (4.27) p1zz4z0n330 2009-05-21
This mix is just fucking brilliant
DarthWang 2009-05-21
?I have the solution to keep YTMND from shutting do... (3.84) pharaohmobius 2009-08-17
Funny joke on the internet rules
DarthWang 2009-08-17
?uptight dad cant stop baron lasers (4.00) darrel 2009-10-04
DarthWang 2009-10-04
?Khan Shack (4.28) Father-McKenzie 2009-10-31
DarthWang 2009-10-31
?(nsfw) I believe you have my Poland. (4.27) alholm2000 2009-12-30
One of the all-time best ever Poland YTMNDs, no wait, one of the all-time best ever YTMNDs period
DarthWang 2009-12-30
?ZOMGLOLWTFZOR FOR MOD (4.03) zomglolwtfzorlosthis 2010-04-14
FINALLY WE CAN ADD NOTES AGAIN! Also this is classic
DarthWang 2011-07-12
?Marv Screams in Cloud Strife's Face (4.02) Father-McKenzie 2010-06-21
DarthWang 2011-07-12
?Funny Gifs (300, Funny Cats, Leeroy Jenkins, Rick... (4.12) Picnic 2010-08-27
Funny remix
DarthWang 2011-07-12
?Proof YTMND is NOT shutting down on August 1st (4.31) peesauce 2010-10-30
DarthWang 2011-07-12
?Picard ESCAPES FAD STATUS because he I D... (3.75) houseofcards 2010-11-15
DarthWang 2011-07-12
?Sockie Sez™ 8 (4.04) Kacen 2011-01-10
This is just so creepy and yet hilarious I love it
DarthWang 2011-07-12
?rubilac kills thousands of american citizens (3.83) zomglolwtfzor 2011-04-05
Where did you get this music from?
DarthWang 2011-07-12
?Anti-Guitar Hero PSA (3.91) tylersaintcool 2011-08-07
DarthWang 2011-08-07
?SHAT TREK: The Wrath of KhanKat (4.33) trumbo 2011-12-21
Someone should make a 10 hour video of this on youtube
DarthWang 2011-12-21
?EVERYTHINGTMND (3.94) astralvoyager 2012-05-16
Cuz' every time we PUNCH I get this KHAAAAAAAN! You're the Man Now Dog, Now Shut the Fuck Up!
DarthWang 2012-05-16
?METAL GEAR STAPLER 3: STAPLER EATER (4.04) altair808 2012-07-12
Some day you will feed on a STAAAAPLEEERRRRRRRR
DarthWang 2012-07-12
?Happy Birthday YourTheCoconutMan! (2012 versio... (4.42) GeneralFod 2012-11-14
Started smiling a bit of the way in, started laughing as soon as Kel appeared, started ROFLing at the KKKramer scene, and it just got more intense from there
DarthWang 2012-11-14
?The Wrath of Khan 's Spoiler (4.19) jcraig1701 2013-03-02
Can't believe I never FAV'd this before
DarthWang 2013-03-02
?EPIC NEDM MANEUVERE (2.86) triforce 2013-05-01
Greatest surprise ear rape site of all time
DarthWang 2013-05-01
?maximum goldberg: adventures of max (the chronic... (4.05) peesauce 2013-05-27
DarthWang 2013-05-27
?The most Pole Positioned sacrifice (4.15) RINENJIMPPLEDEY 2013-06-23
You're gonna play POOOOOOOOOOOLE POSITIOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DarthWang 2013-06-23
?The circle is now complete, Obi-KHAN (3.23) volter 2013-08-23
I've been waiting for you, Obi-KHAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!
DarthWang 2013-08-23
?Remember that one Bible videogame? (3.68) pharaohmobius 2013-09-09
BIBLEVANIA... and the sea covered them
DarthWang 2013-09-09
?The Duke Nukem 3D boss had one weakness... (4.29) Pottsdam 2014-06-01
Love the mashup here
DarthWang 2014-06-01
?We need EPIC freedom (Hint: that means we need... (4.15) blommer 2014-11-15
The buildup is just incredible on this one, also the comments
DarthWang 2014-11-15
?(nsfw) Kramer's true story (4.49) MurdarMachene 2015-02-02
This one is just too funny not to fav, I watch it whenever I desperately need a laugh
DarthWang 2015-02-02
?Medieval Stapler (3.59) zomglolwtfzor 2015-08-25
The pure hilarity that occurs when you open this one and see what it is can't be matched
DarthWang 2015-08-25
?MIDIeval Wade Boggs (4.02) bleys 2016-05-21
For some reason this was running through my head 9 years after I last saw it... that deserves a FAV
DarthWang 2016-05-21
?KOENTMND: Koen Warz: Luke Chooses the Ligh... (4.01) MEAT10AF 2016-09-07
Funniest ever Koen site
DarthWang 2016-09-07
?Ziggy Startrek and the Genetic Supermen from Ceti... (3.48) palmsuger 2017-11-13
This is one of those rare remixes that just has something ineffably awesome about it
DarthWang 2017-11-13