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?Cat fight niku (5.00) 
?Johnny Death by Lazorz WingedMayhem (5.00) 
?Endless insomnia Ristar (5.00) 
?Cry me to the moon Yakisoba (4.75) 
?(nsfw) I'mAPotato UnluckyCharms (3.00) 
?rain yo Trstram (4.75) 
?smoke eggs everyday Fuzannne (5.00) 
?Picard enjoys the performance of a dancing orangu... DarthWang (4.00) 
?(nsfw) i have the mind of the jester! (see complete b... KhetiTHEChronomancer (5.00) 
?(nsfw) BLANK SITE Suzanne (2.33) 
?Furaffinity in 2015 Sparx-Traxx (5.00) 
?once upon a time KhetiTHEChronomancer (4.50) 
?(nsfw) while walking the world of lucid dreams KhetiTHEChronomancer (5.00) 
?Is Suzanne? Luzanna (3.60) 
?smoke weinermobiles everyday Fuzannne (5.00) 
?I break mirrors with my face in the United States oruga (4.33) 
?(nsfw) shake your nommymaker jsrk (2.33) 
?2020 Vision BoredJedi (4.93) 
?(nsfw) WE FUCKING HATE NIGGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Escanaba (1.67) 
?Mike's Niggers ScottDepot (3.57) 
?Jerk it good Jarg (2.75) 
?(nsfw) Butterfly ew1234 (2.33) 
?Nisa's former sites Suzanne (2.00) 
?smoke beefeater gin everyday Fuzannne (3.25) 
?technoshamanic gate faerie dragonet stares back a... KhetiTHEChronomancer (2.50) 
?Smoke Mary Jane Boys every day! Suzanne (3.38) 
?Kheti is a Faerie Dragonet KhetiTHEChronomancer (3.33) 
?smoke watermelon everyday Fuzannne (3.00) 
?(nsfw) Jihadearden SgtBAP (2.33) 
?We are Fantastic buddhajihad (3.00) 
?it was the dirt of things that grew the flowers of anyt... KhetiTHEChronomancer (1.50) 
?smoke underwear everyday Fuzannne (3.00) 
?(nsfw) Ness' SuperSuit is Missing parrothead1983 (4.00) 
?smoke dildos everyday Fuzannne (3.00) 
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