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?The search for the YTMND moderation team contin... Coolgamer (3.96) 
?OH SHIT LOOK WHO IT IS NoobSailboat (4.00) 
?Sergeant Mitchell needs the money jimmyshackleton (1.00) 
?The truth about Donald Trump jimmyshackleton (3.00) 
?(nsfw) being a paul judeisjude (3.00) 
?EU fail jimmyshackleton (4.00) 
?Putin and Bush Walk It Out tenantennae (4.44) 
?The best game developer of all time? jimmyshackleton (4.00) 
?GARBAGE SPACE Tekken (3.55) 
?Trump Exults in Release of Prisoners and a Date N... Spano (5.00) 
?sanctimonious littlehorn (3.00) 
?Man allegedly breaks into Rihanna's house, s... Spano (5.00) 
?Captain Picard Finds His Muse LordXanthus (4.55) 
?Netanyahu the magician jimmyshackleton (2.00) 
?'Rick and Morty' Scores Massive 70-E... Spano (4.27) 
?I mean come on airbud (3.89) 
?Netanyahu gives away all the prizes jimmyshackleton (4.00) 
?letsago plays bebop jazz guitar letsago (4.29) 
?Mr Worldwide jimmyshackleton (3.50) 
?Inside Michael Cohen's aggressive pitch promi... Spano (5.00) 
?elephant feces MotherfuckerMike (3.55) 
?elephant feces elefun (3.86) 
?Iran's Parliament Burns US Flag While Chan... tenantennae (4.00) 
?The Rockin' Ghost Show Episode 5: Teddy&... bicarbonate (4.00) 
?back of caseys head caseykueltzo (3.00) 
?Who’s That Pokęmon at the Snape Kills D... dunsparce (4.40) 
?Iraqi Emergency Broadcast System Ymttr (4.25) 
?Facebook is making its biggest executive shuffle in c... Spano (3.80) 
?letsago music channel-men at large letsago (4.67) 
?Carabbaba nana baba babaaa riqes (4.00) 
?Darth Stapler Has A Message For You All DarthWang (4.63) 
?Etherium Fail Smittiox (3.00) 
?srry lmao ToDownvote (4.33) 
?aaayy n0pulze (3.75) 
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