Recently Created YTMNDs

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?How's the steak Gordon? maxman22 (4.00) 
?pawn shop bimewy (4.00) 
?D-D-Duel with YuGiOh cards bought off of ebay HenryW44481 (4.00) 
?space fucker [part rumsfield] DonnieJeffcoat (4.00) 
?Science teacher allegedly fed puppy to turtle in fro... Thiessen (1.00) 
?Dumbass Doom GodOfEnvy (4.00) 
?some kind of M&Ms wonkoid (3.00) 
?Starbucks® DoubleShot™ BringOnTheDa... BigHero (3.67) 
?Along Came Jones UltraGuy (3.00) 
?Disney World is handing out free tickets to the new ... sotrane (1.00) 
?Carry on, Kylo Ren PackardBell (2.50) 
?MURMAIDERTMND: Picard MURMAIDER BioH4z4rd (4.17) 
? BraveSirRobinRanaway (4.60) 
?(nsfw) GOD IS DEAD sygerianfuckweasel (3.29) 
?inappropriate music for children's shows artichoke119 (2.25) 
?Iran recovers black box from Turkish plane crash k... Thiessen (3.00) 
?Yapay K覺zl覺k Zar覺 s3s (4.00) 
?(nsfw) 2001 ASL cyberspace odyssey emeraldo (4.00) 
?George Lucas thanks Mark Hamil for appearing in ... Jakku (4.42) 
?oh, the huge manatee jibb (4.67) 
?NES Super Glitch Bros. buster322 (5.00) 
?chitty chitty bang bang ss423 (4.56) 
?YTMND WAIFU SONG! Nanoha (2.60) 
?(nsfw) sexy shark indigokeytag (3.00) 
?Eric Bana's Banana Bandana Cabana airbud (4.33) 
?OLD NOKIA DESIGN plasticbrick (4.67) 
?MICROPHONETMND: Sunday Drive AngryNerd (4.67) 
?Meme Run for the Switch kbimbatti22 (4.33) 
?(nsfw) the mind of a mental patient PageUpPageDown (5.00) 
?Epic Land Jeep Crash KidCar938 (3.25) 
?The Hands Of Stephanie BoredJedi (3.33) 
?Ultimate Major Tom gendark01 (4.88) 
?you pop it into the Super Nintendo, and it explodes AngryNerd (3.00) 
?Epic B/E/A/T/Z Kassius (4.92) 
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