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?(nsfw) An old DOS computer gets a virus fun888 (0.00) 
?having battery problems playing Pokemon Go? LARCHMONT (0.00) 
?Cincinnati council members want Hudepohl smokest... GrassyMoss (0.00) 
?(nsfw) Mosul airstrikes cause panic in the Middle Ea... DanForden (0.00) 
?Cincinnati police say no active search for suspects i... GrassyMoss (0.00) 
?Give Sergeant Hartman Twenty-Five myoplex (5.00) 
?Nothing ever happened in the bedroom Star54 (4.50) 
?Ron Burgandy tells San Diego go to fuck itself plougastell (2.00) 
?Cincinnati Seeks Developers to Create Smart City ... GrassyMoss (5.00) 
?Another way to help feed starving Indians Canadian (5.00) 
?raw eggs AkiraGT (5.00) 
?Enough for the City LegoLewdite (3.00) 
?Bad Luck Bootsy creates his own board game elephantFeces (5.00) 
?MICROPHONETMND: Hey Sandy JohnnyLurg (4.25) 
?Cincinnati police report progress in nightclub shooting... GrassyMoss (5.00) 
?pichu the faerie dragonet gives into technoshamanic ... SpecialNeedsRainbowB (3.00) 
?Friends are so gonna party Glee55964 (5.00) 
?Al B Tross, sure LegoLewdite (3.00) 
?ASCII art Mario and Yoshi HotTinRoof (5.00) 
?Weinerville puppets go bananas unfunnycomedian (3.00) 
?tic tac Ludder (5.00) 
?United Airlines Leggings Incident Shows Changing N... DiamondHoffman (5.00) 
?Quark Sez easychair (3.00) 
?What the Jazz is All About LegoLewdite (3.00) 
?Sanctuary cities like Cincinnati could be cut off from... GrassyMoss (5.00) 
?Top Cat MonsterPenis (2.00) 
?(nsfw) footage of an Armadillo attacking a houseca... DanForden (5.00) 
?Making a Killin LegoLewdite (3.00) 
?Flavor Country LegoLewdite (3.75) 
?Timetodraft MarkMatinson (5.00) 
?Teh Boss is Emo Shinobi-Forever (0.00) 
?Harriette from family matters letsago (5.00) 
?Sad Yolanda is sad Kurow (1.00) 
?Cold Cut Combo Addresses Congress Canadian (5.00) 
?footage of Ronald McDonald defecating on a public... DanForden (5.00) 
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